The 2022 World Series of Poker is on the move and the worst-kept secret in poker is out — the greatest poker tournament in the world is set to be unveiled at Bally’s and Paris casinos in May of next year.

Will the move from the Rio, the WSOP’s home for the past decade and a half be a good one?

How was the Announcement Made?

The 53rd annual World Series of Poker was always going to be on the move, with the Rio’s contract to host the biggest and best poker event on the global calendar up in 2021. The final year of the WSOP at the Rio has seen some dramatic moments, but with a shorter delay between series than ever before – since the WSOP inception in 1970 – it’s going to be a busy six months to move the Big Top to Bally’s in time for the big kick-off in May 2022.

The official dates for the 2022 World Series of Poker are May 31st to July 19th, 2022. World Series of Poker Senior Vice President, Ty Stewart, is excited to be taking the WSOP to a new location.

“As we approach the Final Table [of 2021], we look back on yet another successful Main Event that exceeds expectations. We are absolutely thrilled with this year’s turnout, both domestically and internationally. As we close out this chapter at the Rio, we are excited to have the iconic Vince Vaughn usher in a new era of WSOP at Bally’s and Paris next summer.”

Vince Vaughn was the man to make the official announcement, which he did during the PokerGO live stream of the WSOP action at the weekend. The Wedding Crashers and Swingers was announced as the WSOP Master of Ceremonies.

“I have such a strong connection to Las Vegas and am honored to be selected as the Master of Ceremonies for what is set to be the most anticipated World Series of Poker tournament ever,” the Hollywood star said. “Poker has long been one of my favorite sports, so to be a part of something as historic as the WSOP finally moving to the Strip is an absolute dream. Vegas baby, Vegas!”

Will the Move to the Strip Be Good for Poker?

It’s sure to be one of the most eagerly anticipated WSOP of all-time when it lands at Bally’s and Paris Casino on the Strip. But will it work? There are many questions about exactly what will happen, and how the players who have been accommodated at the Rio will fit in on the Strip.

With a massive number able to fit in the Amazon Room, Bally’s on its own wouldn’t have coped with the sheer number of players who will descend on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. But with the addition of Paris Casino to the party, that opens up a lot more square feet and crucially means that players will be accommodated.

“Shuffle up and deal!” may have been Vince Vaughn’s cry last week, but in 2022, the real issue will be how much shuffling between casinos players have to do. Will there be a temptation to stage several similar buy-in events at the same casino in order to hold onto players and not make them travel between cardrooms? It certainly seems likely.

Bally’s and Paris are iconic venues, but as yet have none of the history that the World Series of Poker coverage has always lived off. That is wrapped up in memories from the Rio, of course. The years the World Series spent at Binion’s will be recalled by many, as before 2004, that is where the WSOP memories were made.

From Stu Ungar to Chris Moneymaker, the World Series crowned champions before the Rio and will do so long after, hopefully for many years at Bally’s and Paris. The initial WSOP 2022 schedule is expected to be released in January 2022.




Arthur Crowson

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