ESPN’s “The Last Dance” has been a beacon of light for sports fans in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic. As sports is slowly starting to trickle back (soccer starts in Germany this weekend, the UFC is hosting its third MMA event in a week on Saturday, golf and NASCAR are on the horizon as well), “The Last Dance” has kept the sports world occupied with its behind-the-scenes look at Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls during their final championship season in 1998. However, director Jason Hehir and his team have done a great job on weaving in the past and how Jordan and the Bulls got to that point. This includes his retirement to play baseball, his gambling exploits, his upbringing and just how he was as a teammate.

On Sunday, it comes to an end as “The Last Dance” wraps up with episodes 9 and 10. It is fitting that there are some sports betting props for fans and players to wager on (maybe even Jordan himself). Here is a look at just a few of those props.

All odds for “The Last Dance” props courtesy of BetOnline. You can also catch “The Last Dance” on ESPN on Sunday night, starting at 9:00 PM ET for Episode 9, and 10:00 PM ET for Episode 10. It also airs on Netflix starting on Monday.

Episode 10 Average Viewership

“The Last Dance” Betting Props
  • Episode 10 Average Viewership
  • First Person Shown
  • How Many Times Will The “F” Word Be Said?
  • Will Michael Jordan Be Shown in a Wizards uniform?
  • Will Michael Jordan Cry After Being Interviewed?
  • Under 6 million (-190)
  • Over 6 million (+145)

“The Last Dance” is averaging 5.6 million viewers through its first eight episodes, although that number only serves the premieres of those episodes. If you count all viewership (encore airings, Netflix, etc.), the number skyrockets to 12.2 million through the first six episodes. The over seems like a good value bet, especially HBO’s “Westworld” came to a conclusion last Sunday. Outside of another HBO show, “Insecure”, there just isn’t a lot of competition on Sunday night. And why wouldn’t you want to watch it live with the rest of us?

First Person Shown

  • Phil Jackson (+150)
  • Jerry Krause (+200)
  • Scottie Pippen (+300)
  • Jerry Reinsdorf (+400)
  • Dennis Rodman (+500)

This is an interesting prop as it assumes Jordan will be shown first, so he is off the board. Jackson is a good choice as the favorite as the head coach was told by general manager and all-around villain Jerry Krause that he wouldn’t be coaching the team after the 1998 season. Therefore, Jackson told his team that this was “the last dance”. It would be fitting if he opened the documentary, even ahead of Jordan.

How Many Times Will The “F” Word Be Said?

  • Under 2.5 times (-130)
  • Over 2.5 times (-110)

This is a no-brainer. Take the over. I would like to think that Jordan will go over 2.5 times on his own, especially as they’re coming down to crunch time in their season. The over also offers a little more value than the under does.

The Last Dance

Will Michael Jordan be shown in a Wizards uniform?

  • No (-200)
  • Yes (+150)

Again, this is a value bet, but it is a good one. Jordan, of course, retired again after the 1998 season. He returned for the 2001 season, but this time for the Washington Wizards, of whom he was a part owner (he had to give up stake in the team to return as a player). However, it seems like it would be a good choice to at least mention that he went on to return to basketball, but it was never like it was when Jordan was in Chicago. Just flash a quick picture, that’s all we want.

Will Michael Jordan cry after being interviewed?

  • No (-150)
  • Yes (+110)

Jordan has cried once during this documentary, and even that was only a welling-up in his eyes. And it wasn’t even about his father’s murder, or his mother’s love, it was talking about how competitive he was (and it was one of the top three moments of the series, really showing how maniacal Jordan was about winning). It seems a safe bet that he won’t cry, so after some value bets with the underdogs, take this favorite.

Neil Jordan

Neil Jordan is a savvy slots player who has been playing - and reviewing - for more than ten years. Neil's a longtime Chiefs fan who fell in love with sports betting many years ago, and still can't believe Patrick Mahomes is real. He is also waiting for Manchester United to get back on top of the soccer world.

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