The Office made its debut in the United States on March 24th, 2005, and while it got off to a bit of a shaky start, it has gone on to become one of the most celebrated sitcoms of our time. It won five Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series for the second season in 2006 (which seems low, but it was up against other juggernauts like 30 Rock and Modern Family, so that is probably fair). And yes, there was a United Kingdom version that preceded this, and it was a fine show (the American version was better). The aforementioned second season (although the first season is incredible when you go back to it) is where The Office takes off. The season finale was titled, The Office – Casino Night.

Dunder Mifflin boss Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell, who also wrote the episode) organizes a casino night for charity. Of course, everything goes awry, from Michael accidentally inviting two dates to Jim Halpert admitting his feeling for Pam Beesly, who is engaged to Roy Anderson. But we’re going to focus today only on the casino games, where we saw some poker, craps, blackjack and more. Here are the power rankings for who made out like bandits in “Casino Night”.

The Office – Casino Night Power Rankings

Side note: Due to what is going on right now with Coronavirus, can we stop the practice of blowing on dice, which Angela does for Dwight….That’s why you should just go to an online casino.

Toby – He got to take Michael’s money in poker, which isn’t hard as Michael goes all in on the first hand. The issue is, Michael tries to bluff Toby, who calls with a pair of Jacks. We never even see what Michael has, he might have a pair of Aces for all we know. But it’s Michael. Also, Toby deserves this for all the grief that Michael puts him through in their time on The Office. He says he wants to “chase that feeling”. Toby is definitely the favorite for ending up at the World Series of Poker.

Creed – Of course, Creed is a kleptomaniac, that was probably the least surprising revelation in this episode. The chips he steals goes towards his high chip count, which earns him his first fridge ever, and he just picked it up and took it outside like a boss.

Phyllis – She beat Kevin, and her husband’s company brought the mini-fridge, which was won by Creed. Phyllis always does pretty well for herself.

Pam – As a poker player, Pam baits Jim into thinking she is bluffing, which plays into their whole relationship angle. She gets a straight and wins the hand. Personally, however, that is a completely different story.

Kelly – Kelly only played a bit part in this episode, but I feel like if anyone were to have beginner’s luck, it would be her (or Phyllis, obviously). She would make some sort of connection to the cards in her hand that only makes sense to her, and next thing you know, she is battling Creed for the mini-fridge.

Kevin – Kevin is a man of hidden talents. We find out in this episode that he is in a band, which Roy hires to play at his wedding to Pam. There was the “Basketball” episode, in which we learn Kevin can shoot, as long as he isn’t moving. Here, he says that he is a professional poker player, and he plays the part well. However, Phyllis ends up with “all the clovers” to win the hand. I feel like the accounting trio of Kevin, Oscar and Angela could really dominate this night if they pulled it together.

The Office - Casino Night

Jim – He goads Dwight into losing a hand, and he loses to Pam in a hand that was much more than playing poker. Jim seems like he is the most logical person in the office and should win it, but his feelings for Pam are a distraction (which I could write another 500 words about).

Dwight – Dwight feels like he should be better at playing cards than he is. But he buys Jim’s coughing ploy, which Jim does purposely to bait Dwight into bad hands. But he does get slapped by Angela, which both seem to like.

Side note: Due to what is going on right now with Coronavirus, can we stop the practice of blowing on dice, which Angela does for Dwight? And Jim coughs into his hand, which is holding his chips? That’s why you should just go to an online casino.

Jan/Carol – Neither of them play a hand, but both get played by Michael. This should earn them the bottom slot in these power rankings, but there can only be one. Fun fact: Carol is played by Nancy Carell, Steve’s real-life wife.

Michael – Do I even need to explain this? From inadvertently getting two dates (it’s mind-boggling that he has one) to losing to Toby, to asking both women to blow on his dice in craps (again, in today’s time, that is gross) to still thinking that he came out on top. And eventually, he does. Maybe he isn’t the real loser. Wait, yes, he is.

The moral of The Office – Casino Night: just go to an online casinoIf you need to see people, just go to a live dealer casino.

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