What are the Tiger King odds in the betting world? Read on to find out!

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has seen many sports leagues, events and public places shut down, postpone or close – One phenomenon that’s ramped up, however, is people watching the new Netflix series Tiger King, starring none other than Joe Exotic and a slew of other ‘exotic’ characters.

If you haven’t watched the often-talked about series, we’re sure you’ve heard of it – We don’t want to ruin anything for you, but let’s just say it’s filled with tigers, murder, meth addiction, tattoos, amputations, expired-meat pizza and even a Shaquille O’Neal cameo. Let’s just say, this is a series that leaves a lot to discuss – So much so, that people have taken to wagering bets on the hard-to-believe Netflix series on sites like Bovada and BetOnline.

So, what are the odds? Read on and learn more about the Tiger King odds people are betting and wagering on, from updates on the series to other interesting odds from the Tiger King series we think are worth betting on – Or just question, at the very least.


Tiger King, Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin and More: What are the Odds?

Like we mentioned, Tiger King is on top of many minds – In the wake of sports leagues and casino closures, many sports bettors have placed bets on odds from the infamous series and who will be cast in a Tiger King movie.

So, who do the odds at BetOnline favor? We already know SNL’s Kate McKinnon is set to produce a mini-series based on the ‘Tiger King’ story and will reportedly play Carole Baskin, leaving the question – Who else do the Tiger King odds say will be cast in a feature film?

Here are who online sports bettors think will be cast in a Tiger King feature film.

Tiger King Film Casting Odds | The Winners

So, who do sports bettors think will be cast in the next Tiger King feature? Kevin Bacon is the top pick to play Joe Exotic, the infamous breakout star of the series. Here are the top, winning picks from BetOnline for who’ll be cast in a Tiger King feature film:

‘Tiger King’ Personality Actor/Actress BetOnline Odds
Joe Exotic Kevin Bacon +150
Carole Baskin Wendi McLendon-Covey +100
Doc Antle Will Ferrel +150
Travis Maldonado Rami Malek +150
John Finlay Leonardo DiCaprio +200

Joe Exotic Casting OddsJoe Exotic Feature Film Odds

Actor BetOnline Odds
Kevin Bacon +150
Edward Norton +250
Billy Bob Thornton +300
David Spade +400
Ben Stiller +500



Carole Baskin Casting Odds

Actress BetOnline Odds
Wendi McLendon-Covey +150
Allison Janney +300
Kristen Wiig +300
Jennifer Coolidge +500
Laura Dern +600

John Finlay Casting Odds

Actor BetOnline Odds
Leonardo DiCaprio +200
Shia LaBeouf +250
Tom Hardy +300
Anthony Cavalero +350
Channing Tatum +350

Doc Antle Casting Odds

Actor BetOnline Odds
Will Ferrell +150
Jim Gaffigan +300
Matt Damon +300
Shia LaBeouf +300
Louis CK +500

Travis Mandonado Casting Odds

Actor BetOnline Odds
Will Ferrell +200
James Franco +250
Michael Cera +300
Jesse Eisenberg +350
Pete Davidson +700

What do you think the odds are of these people starring in a Tiger King feature from Hollywood? With Coronavirus keeping everyone inside and Tiger King on our minds, we anticipate there will be many stars clamoring to appear in the Tiger King story.

Tiger King and the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon  

kevin bacon, top pick to play joe exotic from tiger king role

The odds favour Kevin Bacon to play the title role of Joe Exotic, the ‘Tiger King’.

Since sports leagues, land-based casinos and more have closed, almost everyone with a Netflix subscription and a love for online sports betting was placing odds on who play this cast of colorful characters in a feature film.

The first pick to be cast as Joe Exotic in an upcoming film is Kevin Bacon, famous for his primary role and inspiration for the ‘6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ theory.

So we wanted to know, can we connect Joe Exotic, the Tiger King back to the casting odds winner, Kevin Bacon? Let’s see.

Tiger King and the First Degree of Kevin Bacon

How do we kick off the Six Degrees of the Tiger King and Kevin Bacon? Shaquille O’Neal had a cameo feature in the Tiger King series where he visited the G.W. Zoo owned by Joe Exotic (or Jeff Lowe, depending how you look at it).

Shaquille O’Neal voiced himself in the first Lego movie, which also starred Will Arnett, who voiced Batman.

Tiger King and the Second Degree of Kevin Bacon

What’s the second degree of separation between Kevin Bacon and the Tiger King? Will Arnett (who starred with Shaq in Lego movie – Are you keeping up?) Starred in Arrested Development as Gobe, with Jason Batemen who played his brother, Michael Bluth.

Tiger King and the Third Degree of Kevin Bacon  

Continuing to connect Kevin Bacon and the Tiger King, Jason Bateman starred in Juno, where he played Mark Loring, the potential adoptive father of Juno’s baby. Jason Bateman starred in Juno with Alison Janney, who plays Juno’s stepmother. Alison Janney also had a role in Spy as Elaine Crocker, which also starred…

Tiger King and the Fourth Degree of Kevin Bacon  

Spy also starred Jude Law, who played Bradley Fine – Jude Law also had the title role in 2004’s remake of the film, Alfie. Can you believe we’ve made it to the fourth degree of separation between the Tiger King and Kevin Bacon?

Marisa Tomei

Marisa Tomei – The sixth degree of separation between Joe Exotic and Kevin Bacon.

Tiger King and the Fifth Degree of Kevin Bacon

The film Alfie also starred Marisa Tomei as Julie, Alfie’s girlfriend – Now, what does Marisa Tomei star in?

The 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon and Tiger King is almost complete…

Tiger King and the Sixth Degree of Kevin Bacon

Marisa Tomei was in Crazy, Stupid, Love as Kate, which also featured none other than, you guessed it – Kevin Bacon, who played David Lindhagen in the ensemble-cast feature film.

Not only does Kevin Bacon have a potential connection with the Joe Exotic franchise and Tiger King odds, there’s also a real-life 6 degrees of separation between Kevin Bacon and Joe Exotic, the Tiger King himself.

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