What are our top 2020 NFL draft moments? Even thought current coronavirus measures worldwide have kept people indoors and caused sporting cancellations, there’s still one sporting event that we can all look to for our sports betting fix—The 2020 NFL Draft.

The 2020 NFL Draft Picks traded in their usual slick fits with a live audience for sweatpants and the comfort of their homes for the NFL’s first live video draft. It gave us some record-setting moments, and some hilariously viral moments that only a Zoom NFL Draft could give us.

With that, here are our top 2020 NFL Draft moments — Some funny, some record-breaking and some we just plain like, okay?

1) Ohio State Makes History

Ohio made history on the evening of April 23, 2020 when the first three picks drafted went to the same college, at the same time. Joe Burrow (The Cincinatti Bengals’ first draft pick), Chase Young and Jeffrey Okudah attended Ohio State University. Okudah was drafted by the Detroit Lions’, while Young was drafted by the Washington Redskins.

The odds favored Joe Burrow as top pick for the number one draft spot, Young favored as the overall 2nd pick and  Okudah was favored as the 3rd overall draft pick and Young.

2) The SEC (Southeastern Conference) Also Makes History

Anyone who placed a prop bet on Joe Burrow probably had a great night on Thursday—In addition to being the 1st draft pick among other impressive stats, he’s one of 15 players from the SEC (Burrows played for LSU), who made history during this year’s NFL video draft.

The SEC had a record-breaking 15 first-round draft picks, and they continued to set records with the first 10 picks coming from the SEC, 10 picks in the first 20 draft selections coming from SEC and two SEC quarterbacks drafted in the top five.

During the rest of the draft, the SEC continued to have a standout run with 10 SEC players drafted in the second round. The spotlight was on players from LSU—10 players in total were drafted from the SEC-participant.

2020 nfl draft

Chase Young via the live 2020 NFL Draft, with his family.

3) Isaiah Wilson’s Mom Removes Girlfriend From Couch

Isaiah Wilson was the 29th overall pick, drafted to the Tennessee Titans’—But it was his mom, that managed to steal the show. When a woman (assumed to be Wilson’s girlfriend) starts hugging him during the emotional moment, it’s obvious the mom wants her moment to shine—Because she physically removes her from their seat.

BetOnline prop bets favored players’ mothers to be hugged before their girlfriends’, with fathers favored to hug second—As far as we know, there were no prop bets for whose mother would remove their girlfriend.

4) Chargers’ Fans Show Up in Full Force

Many NFL fans’ gathered in Zoom parties for their respective teams to celebrate the first night of the 2020 NFL Draft. When cameras panned to show Chargers’ fans however, viewers immediately noticed the screen wasn’t quite as full as it could’ve been, with tens of fans there—10, to be exact. They had 12 available fan spots.

All those people in Los Angelos and you couldn’t find two more? Hey, at least they’re self-aware.

5) CeeDee Lamb Kind of Needs His Phone Right Now

When you’re isolating in your home and sort of in a momentous personal and professional moment in the NFL draft, you probably want to keep your phone, or phones on you—So CeeDee Lamb’s girlfriend grabbed everyone’s attention when she reached for a phone in his lap, only to have it snatched back.

The internet had a lot of fun laughing at the grab and wondering what she tried to steal a glimpse of.

6) Bill Belichick’s Dog

When the camera panned to the New England Patriot’s coach during the live video 2020 NFL Draft, there was someone almost better there—Nike, Belichick’s dog, who appeared to be drafting in the coaches place.

We’ve since learned Nike isn’t part of the drafting brain trust, but acts is “in more of a support role and is still a very, very good boy“. We believe it!


7) Receivers Tie 2003 Record

The 2020 NFL Draft tied a record set in 2003—36 receivers in total were drafted, with 26 drafted in the first five rounds. Eight receivers were drafted during the first 35 season picks, which ties the 2003 record for most picks in seven-round draft.

During the draft’s first round 6 receivers were selected, breaking the 2004 record for number of receivers drafted in the first round.

8) The 2020 NFL Draft Coach Flex

Typically, we don’t get a VIP-glimpse into the coaches at-home set-up, but the 2020 NFL Draft didn’t disappoint. Viewers got a glimpse into the fancy digs the major players live in and draft from.

Just to make everybody feel a little worse with their quarantine-situation, Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboy’s owner, conferenced in to the video 2020 NFL Draft from his $250-million yacht.

Some of the coaches set-ups, had people talking for different reasons—Like Kliff Kingsbury, the Arizona Cardinals coach. Although quite luxe with a view of his backyard garden set-up, many people on Twitter thought the house looked familiar…More specifically, that it looked just like the house shown in the film Parasite. 


9) 2020 NFL Draft Sets Viewership Record

This might not come as much of a surprise, but our final top 2020 NFL Draft moment is people watching the draft itself—Did you know it set a record for the most viewed draft of all time? It sure did. With social distancing in full-effect and regular, major sports events being cancelled, a record-breaking number of people tuned in to watch the 2020 NFL Draft livestream, with 15.6 million average viewers its first night, 8.2 million during round two and 4.2 million viewers in round 3—Nearly 40% more people tuned in for the 2020 draft than the 2019 draft.


Overall, even though it was different than what we’re used to, this year’s draft didn’t disappoint, with records tied, broken & set, with more than it’s fair share of funny moments along the way.

What were your top 2020 NFL draft moments? We might even miss the live-streamed draft for 2021’s NFL Draft.

Elliot Nield

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