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The race to the White House may be a marathon, but odds to win the 2020 U.S. election and movement associated with them mimic more of a sprint where the betting public better have their collective heads on a swivel. It’s quite the contrast to the grind that has been *gestures broadly* 2020 and in that spirit we note that not only are President Donald Trump’s polling numbers improving, but so, too, are his odds to win this November. Less than a month ago, Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s odds to win rested at -170, or an implied probability of 62.96 percent, while Trump’s odds dipped to a low of +145, or an implied probability of 40.82 percent. Fast forward to the morning of August 26, and Biden’s odds remain somewhat steady at -130, but President Trump is back up to +110 on Bovada and EVEN money at BetOnline.

2020 U.S. Election Betting Odds Online Sportsbook Online Sportsbook
Candidate Bovada BetOnline
Donald Trump +110 EVEN
Joe Biden -130 -130

In case you missed it earlier this week, we highlighted the disconnect between presidential polling data and odds to win the 2020 election where the polls may favor Joe Biden currently, but 60 percent of election bets have been placed on President Trump to win.

2020 U.S. Election: Polling Position

Speaking of those polls that should be taken with a grain of salt the next two-plus months, a recent CNBC/Change Research study was worthy of an eyebrow raise. The left-leaning polling outlet found that coronavirus concerns fell, while, at the same time, Trump’s job approval ticked higher in some key swing states.

“In Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, 66% of likely voters said they have serious concerns about Covid-19, the survey released Wednesday found. The share fell from 69% in a poll taken two weeks earlier. The share of respondents who said they have “very serious” concerns about the coronavirus dropped to 45% from 49%.”

Of those likely voters polled in those battleground states, 48% approved of the job President Trump is doing, which was up 2% from the same poll of two weeks ago. Biden does, however, possess a three point lead, 49-46, across those six swing states.

Over at the conservative polling outlet, Rasmussen Reports, Trump’s approval rating just missed its first positive mark in six months when it hit -1 on August 24. The index regressed back to -8 in the days that followed. Rasmussen also just published it’s weekly head-to-head election polling conducted after the Democratic National Convention.

It learned that Biden lost some footing in the days following the end of the National Convention and that he and Trump are neck and neck with the Republican National Convention ongoing. The national phone and online survey has Biden leading 46-45 with six percent of those polled preferring a different candidate. This time last week, Biden led by four points, 48-44. Next week, we’ll learn if Trump earned any further bump following the Republican convention.

With the fight for the White House far from over, if you’re ready to back your preferred nominee, head on over to an online sportsbook like Bovada and BetOnline and put your political prowess to the test!

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