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The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame could use a little luck these days. Due to a rising number of coronavirus cases on campus, the university has already pivoted away from in-person classes to remote learning just eight days into the new session. Among those new cases, five members of the Irish football team tested positive with six others marinating in quarantine. It’s almost like Notre Dame President Rev. John I. Jenkins saw the writing on the wall when he withdrew Notre Dame as the host site of the first United States presidential debate, still scheduled for September 29. Cleveland-based Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic will pick up the baton and host President Donald Trump and newly nominated Vice-President Joe Biden’s first head-to-head conversation. Ahead of that first debate, nearly five weeks away, bookmakers at the online sportsbook Bovada have posted some prop bet odds ahead of the highly-anticipated event.

How Many Presidential Debates Will Be Held For The 2020 Election?
Option Odds
OVER 2.5 -320
UNDER 2.5 +230

It’s no secret that it behooves President Trump to participate in as many presidential debates as possible. Democratic nominee Biden’s Achilles’ heel to-date has been slips of the tongue or veering off on un-related tangents during past speaking engagements, whether on the campaign trail pre-covid or during teleconference interviews. Though President Trump can suck the oxygen out of the room without truly “saying” anything, his filibuster tactics just need one or two zingers to stick for his base supporters to believe he’s won the debate.

Will Any Of The 2020 Presidential Debates Be Held By Teleconference?
Option Odds
Yes +220
No -300

Due to the advanced age of both candidates, Trump is 74 and Biden is 77, and with the known fact that coronavirus is especially dangerous for older people, it’ll be fascinating to see if any future debates require the need for a teleconferenced debate. It will, however, lose some authenticity when you have to stare down your competition via an internet feed compared to sharing a stage and 6-feet-or-more of social distanced when articulating one’s criticism of the other. At -300, Bovada’s bookmakers do NOT believe any debate takes place over Zoom or any other internet setting.

Will The Winner Of The 2020 Presidential Election Be Announced By End Of Day November 4?
Candidate Odds
No -130

This final prop bet is a doozy. It’s loaded with so much anxiety for many Americans who endured the “hanging chads” of the 2000 election, it would be a fitting end to the nightmare that has been 2020 to have final election results delayed more than 24 hours. Yet, bookmakers believe it will take until at least November 5, two days after election day to learn who will reside in the White House the next four years. That potential 24-hour delay has conspiracy theorists drooling and chomping at the bit to throw the 2020 election into utter chaos.

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