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This week’s casino news starts off with an important lesson: careful about bragging too much about your winning bets. The streaker from this year’s Super Bowl found out the hard way.

Super Bowl Streaker Likely Won’t Get Paid On Prop Bet

Winning bettors always love to brag, don’t they?

A Florida man that streaked onto the field during Super Bowl LV – the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – is no longer going to win a bet. The man put $50k on a prop bet with an online sportsbook that there would be a streaker during the course of the game.

However, the problem was caused because the man who placed that bet was the one who ran onto the field, so obviously he had some interest in getting out there. A spokesperson from Bovada said that all “NO” wagers on the prop bet would be refunded while all the legitimate “YES” bets would be paid out. This means that the man is not going to get the $374k that he won illegitimately. There has to be some integrity here, right?

The man who ran onto the field was Yuri Andrade. He and his friend came up with the plan to get one of them onto the field as the friend acted as a decoy to draw security’s attention while the other took his chance to sprint onto the field. Andrade was the one who made it onto the field, although in the end, it cost him $1,000 bail. He was busted bragging about the incident on Instagram and that’s how he was likely found out.

Larry Flynt Passes Away At Age 78

The world lost a good man recently as the former casino owner and high-stakes poker player Larry Flynt has passed away at age 78 due to heart failure. Many likely know Flynt for being the founder of Hustler, which is a pornographic magazine that first began in 1974. He also happened to own the Hustler Casino that is stationed in Los Angeles.

He kicked off his career in the adult entertainment industry after opening multiple strip clubs in the Ohio area. All of those clubs were similarly named Hustler Clubs. Once those clubs began to fall off a little bit, he flipped his business to magazines. The Hustler magazines were both controversial and genius at the same time, with some people even labeling him as the champion of First Amendment rights.

As for his poker career, he was able to cash out on one World Series of Poker event. He participated in the 2000 $5,000 stud event which saw him finish in eighth place. He was an icon in the realm and will be sorely missed.

larry flynt with suitcase of cash and larry for president shirt

Larry Flynt in Oct. 27, 1983 during a bid for presidency.

Alabama Casino Bill Passes Senate Committee 

Residents of Alabama who are looking forward to expanded gambling in the state just got some good news. A gambling bill was able to unanimously pass through the Senate Tourism Committee by an 11-0 margin and will now head over to the Senate for a floor vote. If the bill is able to pass that as well, it will make its way towards the House. The bill will need 60 percent approval in each chamber in order to get it onto the ballot.

This bill isn’t the first one that has attempted to bring expanded gambling into the state, as there was one in 2019 that died fairly quickly. Efforts increased during 2020 but Gov. Kay Ivey wanted to research the impact that it would have the state before making any decisions.

This bill would meet the requirements that Ivey has in mind while also bringing in an estimate of $700 million in tax revenue along with 19,000 new jobs.

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