With UFC matches on-the-go and talk about a return to the NFL with virtual fans, sports fans everywhere are wondering when their favorite sports will be back, whether they can watch from a stadium or on-screen.

Thankfully, we’re here to keep you in the loop—Read on for a comprehensive list of what sports are on (or when we hope they’ll be on), where to watch them and when they’ll happen.

Sports: What’s On, When it’s On & Where to Watch

  • MMA/UFC: Right now, the UFC is back and shows no signs of slowing down since their May 8 return. Fans can stream the fights on UFC+.
  • Hockey: The NHL is pretty determined to have a regular 20-21 season—As normal as is currently possible, considering how ‘normal’ 2020 has been so far. Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner says as of May 13 there are no immediate plans to cancel or alter the regular season. When the NHL announced it cancelled the season so far, there were 189 season games left—They’re aiming to resume by summer, but a definitive date hasn’t been announced.
  • Football: The NFL will adhere to their regularly scheduled programming, albeit with some changes—Mainly, no fans. Football fans can catch the first game, Texans v. Chiefs on September 10, on NBC at 5:20 pdt. The first football Sunday will air on Sunday, September 13. The CFL hopes to resume by July 1.
  • Basketball: The WNBA orginally planned to resume practice on May 15, but have said they’re continuing to postpone the season, and will continue to monitor pandemic conditions before resuming business as usual. The NBA, is in the same boat—They cancelled their 2019/20 season on March 11, and as of now, have no tentative date to resume.
  • Baseball: Again, there’s no clear timeline—But from what we know, most MLB members will begin their Spring training in June, with a hopeful go-time for games in July.
  • NASCAR/F1: While word is still out on exactly when Formula 1 will return (June 14 is a no-go), NASCAR fans can rejoice—The league resumes on May 17 at the Darlington Raceway. Fans can watch the race on FOX.
  • Golf: Now, here’s a big one—While the PGA tournament has been delayed until June 11, on May 17 golf fans can watch the TaylorMade Driving Relief charity match with top players Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson face off against Rickie Fowler and Matthew Wolff. And if that’s not enough, golf and football fans alike can tune in on May 24 to see Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning team up to play against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady for the ‘Match: Champions for Charity’ event (Odds favor Manning and Woods on Bovada at -225, and +170 for Brady and Mickelson). Fans can watch the match on NBC Sports Gold, or stream it with Amazon Prime Video.
  • Horse Racing: The Kentucky Derby was cancelled, but know it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later. Horse racing fans and bettors were likely disappointed at the beginning of May, but the Derby is rescheduled for September 5.
  • Soccer: According to MLS Commissioner Don Garber, “everything is on the table” when it comes to a major league soccer return. Although soccer and football fans want a date when games will resume, they can rest knowing MSL players were granted permission to train by themselves on May 6. This is likely the initial phase of their plan to reintroduce MLS, so soccer fans shouldn’t have to wait too long, if all goes well.
  • Tennis: In May, WTA and ATP announced games are suspended until August 3.

It’ll be interesting to see how the lack of fans impacts performance—Will athletes gain more focus, or will there be a lack of motivation without the crowds’ cheers and jeers?

Time will tell, but while you think about it, why not read on and find out what you can bet on, right now, to quench your sports betting thirst.

What to Bet on When You’re Bored of Corona and Tiger King Props

You’re probably a little starved for sports content (we are too) and sports props at that—Here’s what we recommend you bet on in the meantime, because frankly, we know you’re probably sick of coronavirus and Tiger King props.

  • The UFC: Dana White and the UFC are back with a vengeance—Check Bovada’s sportsbook for props ahead of the matches.
  • Table Tennis: Table Tennis, (particularly, the Russian Pro-League in Moscow) has been picking up steam since the pandemic has limited sports—Brazil also has a robust table tennis league, if Russia’s not enough to satisfy you.
  • E-Sports: Many e-sports enthusiasts have been social-distancing way before the pandemic (We’re sort of joking!), which makes e-sports a great thing to get into if you’re itching for a return to sports, and  props that don’t centre around a virus or election. Bet on the outcome of DOTA 2, Overwatch, Counterstrike and more popular e-sports.

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