Breaking Down the Action:
  • Event #1 Won by Katie Kopp for $65,000
  • David Peters Wins Fourth WSOP Bracelet in Event #2
  • Scott Seiver Also Wins Fourth Bracelet in Freezeout Event
  • Brad Ruben Claims Fourth Bracelet in Two Years in Event #4
  • Henry Acain Wins The Housewarming for $700,000 in Event #5

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David Peters was one of five winners in the first week of the 2022 WSOP, but who else struck gold?

It’s been a busy opening week at the 2022 World Series of Poker, with bracelet events taking place at both Bally’ and Paris in Las Vegas. Who has won gold bracelets in the first five events? Let’s look back at the action in Sin City.

Event #1 Won by Katie Kopp for $65,000

The opening event of the 2022 World Series of Poker was, as ever, the traditional curtain-raiser of the $500-entry Casino Employees Event. It was won in dramatic fashion by Katie Kopp, who claimed a career-high score and won the first event as a female winner that could be won in 2022, setting a record.

It was an exciting event, with the 2021 winner making it all the way to the final day. Barnett would bust, however, and so too would tournament director and poker pro Kenny Hallaert, who some believed should not have been eligible to play in the event due to his level of accomplishment. That’s not how it works, and the Belgian made it all the way to 15th place before the final table was reached.

Once there, play continued to four players left, whereupon Kopp, roared on by her rail, survived from having just five big blinds, and won two crucial flips with small pairs to not only survive, but start to thrive. As her supporters chanted “Can’t stop Kopp!”, their girl made it all the way to heads-up, where she sealed the deal with victory against Wyatt Frost, Kopp’s ace-queen winning against his ace-nine in the final hand.

WSOP 2022 Event #1 $500 Casino Employee Results:

Place Player Country Prize
1st Katie Kopp U.S.A. $65,168
2nd Wyatt Frost U.S.A. $40,273
3rd Brandon West U.S.A. $28,356
4th Shaun Colquhoun U.S.A. $20,275
5th Joe Chang U.S.A. $14,725
6th Vikram Vijay U.S.A. $10,865
7th Gonzalo Gonzalez U.S.A. $8,147
8th Arturo Jimenez U.S.A. $6,210
9th Kyle Dempsey U.S.A. $4,813

David Peters Wins Fourth WSOP Bracelet in Event #2

American poker sensation David Peters won his fourth WSOP bracelet as the poker legend outlasted the overnight chip leader Chance Kornuth on his way to claiming gold. With Kornuth coming into play as a big chip leader, Peters had his work cut out in order to eclipse his friend and great rival. There were final table appearances from world champion Koray Aldemir and controversial figure Ali Imsirovic too, as a top-quality final table played down to a winner.

Aldemir was first to bust as the WSOP Main Event winner from 2021 succumbed to his short stack in fifth place. After Imsirovic lost his stack in fourth place, it was the turn of the WSOP Main Event runner-up from 2019, Italian poker sensation Dario Sammartino to bust in third, leaving Peters and Kornuth to duke it out for what would be each man’s fourth bracelet.

In what was one of the fastest final tables in recent history, Peters made short work of Kornuth to win the top prize of $1,166,810, leaving Kornuth to claim the runner-up prize of $721,144.

WSOP 2022 Event #2 $100,000 High Roller Bounty Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize
1st David Peters U.S.A. $1,166,810
2nd Chance Kornuth U.S.A. $721,144
3rd Dario Sammartino Italy $498,686
4th Ali Imsirovic Bosnia/U.S.A. $350,158
5th Koray Aldemir Germany $249,693
6th Matthew Steinberg U.S.A. $180,872
7th Phil Ivey U.S.A. $133,127

Scott Seiver Also Wins Fourth Bracelet in Freezeout Event

There was also a fourth WSOP title to celebrate for Scott Seiver, who won the $2,500-entry Freezeout event at Bally’s after coming into the final day’s play with a commanding chip lead. Unlike Peters, Seiver would find it a lot harder going to win the day, but after a rollercoaster final day, he got the job done to win the top prize of $320,059.

With strong appearances from Chris ‘Big Huni’ Hunichen (8th for $30,478), Nick Schulman (6th for $53,296) and Steve Zolotow (4th for $99,483), Seiver beat Alexander Farahi after a 30-minute heads-up battle saw the American poker legend prevail and win his first bracelet since 2008 and fourth in his glittering poker career.

WSOP 2022 Event #3 $2,500 Freezeout NLHE Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize
1st Scott Seiver U.S.A. $320,059
2nd Alexander Farahi U.S.A. $197,806
3rd David Goodman U.S.A. $139,193
4th Steve Zolotow U.S.A. $99,483
5th Sergio Aido Spain $72,233
6th Nick Schulman U.S.A. $53,296
7th Lewis Spencer United Kingdom $39,970
8th Chris Hunichen U.S.A. $30,478
9th Aditya Agarwal India $23,634

Brad Ruben Claims Fourth Bracelet in Two Years in Event #4

Brad Ruben won his fourth WSOP bracelet in just under two years as he beat the winner from this event’s 2021 tournament, Jaswinder Lally, heads up. Ruben – who donates 1% of all his winnings to U.S. service veterans to raise awareness of the Shields and Stripes charity, took the $126,288 top prize in style.

Ruben came into the final day in charge of the chips with a big lead, but with over a dozen opponents to outlast, it was anything but an easy ride. After players such as WSOP co-commentator Norman Chad were busted in 13th, Brian Rast left in 12th place, just one place later. Ruben still had the chip lead and when Ben Yu busted in fourth place for $35,793, the leader knew that it was a great chance to nab bracelet #4 if he could close it out.

Taking on last year’s winner heads-up, Ruben beat Lally by making a flush in the final hand and sealing a memorable win worth $126,288.  With two live bracelets now in his collection alongside two won in online events, Brad Ruben is possibly the most in-form player at the World Series, having won four gold bracelets since August 2020.

WSOP 2022 Event #4 $1,500 Dealer’s Choice Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize
1st Brad Ruben U.S.A. $126,288
2nd Jaswinder Lally Canada $78,048
3rd Naoya Kihara Japan $52,282
4th Ben Yu U.S.A. $35,793
5th Jorge Walker U.S.A. $25,056
6th Charles Bransford U.S.A. $17,944
7th Alfred Atamian U.S.A. $13,153

Henry Acain Wins The Housewarming for $700,000 in Event #5

Henry Acain won the mammoth Event #5, also known as ‘The Housewarming’ for a career-high score of $701,215. Costing just $500 to play, The Housewarming reached its final table with only one former bracelet winner still holding chips, that being Jordan Hufty. He busted in seventh place for $113,145, however, leaving Acain to triumph.

Acain beat Jared Kingery heads-up and it was an unfortunate final day for Christian Taylor, who led for the majority of the last two days only to fall in third place for $326,965.

WSOP 2022 Event #5 $500 The Housewarming Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize
1st Henry Acain U.S.A. $701,215
2nd Jared Kingery U.S.A. $433,255
3rd Christian Taylor U.S.A. $326,965
4th Orez Mokedi U.S.A. $248,340
5th Jen-Yue Chiang U.S.A. $189,850
6th Darnell White U.S.A. $146,080
7th Jordan Hufty U.S.A. $113,145
8th Erik Carvalho U.S.A. $88,214
9th Isidro Martinez U.S.A. $69,235
10th Yavine Brewer U.S.A. $54,705


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