Breaking Down the Action:
  • Stefan Lehner Wins Event #16 for $558,000
  • Dominick Sarle Wins Event #17 for $164,243
  • Bryan Schultz Wins First Bracelet in Event #18 for $330,000
  • Tong Li Wins Event #19 for $1.4 million
  • Denis Nesteranko Wins Event #20 for $108,000

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Tong Li was one of five winners in Events 16-20 of the 2022 World Series of Poker.

The 2022 World Series of Poker is dozens of events into the action, so if you’re up to date on the last five winners in Events 11-15, then we’ve got the next five players who have captured gold. Who won events 16-20 at the 2022 World Series of Poker?

Stefan Lehner Wins Event #16 for $558,000

Austrian player Stefan Lehner proved that the World Series of Poker is not just about cheering on Phil Ivey in the latest $100,000-entry Super High Roller event, but about every winner, especially those who capture gold for the first time. Winning his first bracelet for a score of $558,616, Lehner beat Toby Boas heads-up to with others such as Alex Foxen and overnight chip leader David Miscikowski both unable to reach the summit.

Just nine final table players reached the promised land and fought for the title, and after players such as Davide Suriano (9th for $44,785) and Joey Weissman (7th for $75,282) busted out, Alex Foxen made it to fifth place, losing out to Miscicowki’s ace-six having moved all-in with king-eight off-suit.

Foxen is one of the best players yet to win a World Series bracelet and cashed for $133,300. His conqueror Miscikowski busted a short time later in fourth place for $180,795. After Nathan Russler lost his stack in third place for $248,298, Boas went into heads-up poker with the lead, but Lehner came back from 3:1 down in chips to win the bracelet and over half a million dollars, also becoming the first Austrian winner this series.

WSOP 2022 Event #16 $3,000 NLHE Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize
1st Stefan Lehner Austria $558,616
2nd Toby Boas U.S.A. $345,244
3rd Nathan Russler U.S.A. $248,298
4th David Miscikowski U.S.A. $180,795
5th Alex Foxen U.S.A. $133,300
6th Kevin Stevens U.S.A. $99,535
7th Joey Weissman U.S.A. $75,282
8th Nicholas Dolen U.S.A. $57,683
9th Davide Suriano Italy $44,785

Dominick Sarle Wins Event #17 for $164,243

The next event in the 2022 WSOP was Event #17, which was won by Dominick Sarle. He went one better than in an online WSOP event last year, this time winning the $2,500-entry Mixed Triple Draw event. The final table contained players such as John Monnette (4th for $46,294) and Daniel Strelitz (3rd for $67,820).

After Philip Eisman busted in seventh place for $16,833, the first place to go at the seven-handed final table, two former bracelet winners followed him in the form of Alex Epstein (6th for $23,052) and Matthew Schreiber (5th for $32,033).

Sarle’s tournament really kicked in when he busted John Monnette but eventually went into heads-up against Jerry Wong down in chips by two to one. Sarle retook the lead heads-up and won a crucial hand in A-5 Triple Draw to win his first WSOP bracelet, as well as claiming the top prize of $164,243.

WSOP 2022 Event #17 $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize
1st Dominick Sarle U.S.A. $164,243
2nd Jerry Wong U.S.A. $101,514
3rd Daniel Strelitz U.S.A. $67,820
4th John Monnette U.S.A. $46,294
5th Matthew Schreiber U.S.A. $32,033
6th Alex Epstein U.S.A. $23,052
7th Philip Eisman U.S.A. $16,833

Bryan Schultz Wins First Bracelet in Event #18 for $330,000

“The final day was an epic one, taking 15 hours to complete.”

Bryan Schultz took down Event #18 on the schedule, otherwise known as the $1,000 No Limit hold’em Freezeout event, winning over $330,000 in the process. At a final table where no-one had vast experience of winning major titles, Schultz beat Young Sik Eum heads up for the win.

After the opening $500-entry Casinos Employees event saw a female winner in Katie Kopp, Angela Jordison was the next female player to come close to eclipsing this achievement. Falling short in third place, Jordison fell to a river card too, meaning she cashed out for a spectacular amount of $151,544, but losing to Schultz, she helped him get the victory.

Overall, 2,663 took part in the tournament, with just 400 of those players reaching the money places. The final day was an epic one, taking 15 hours to complete and changing the final table players’ lives, with a huge return on their $1,000 tournament entry fee.

WSOP 2022 Event #18 $1,000 NLHE Freezeout Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize
1st Bryan Schultz U.S.A. $330,057
2nd Young Sik Eum U.S.A. $203,949
3rd Angela Jordison U.S.A. $151,544
4th Harry Rubin U.S.A. $113,532
5th Nick Palma U.S.A. $85,761
6th Robert Hofer U.S.A. $65,326
7th Tony Dam U.S.A. $50,180
8th Michael Holtz U.S.A. $38,874
9th Kevin Legerski U.S.A. $30,375

Tong Li Wins Event #19 for $1.4 million

A fun-filled final day in Event #19, the $25,000-entry PLO High Roller event, saw Tong Li win his first gold bracelet at the expense of both Scott Ball (5th for $342,590) and Josh Arieh (3rd for $644,365) as the 2021 WSOP Player of the Year (Arieh) and 2021 NLHE POY (Ball) couldn’t quite seal a remarkable victory. For Arieh, however, this cash of over $644,000 represented yet another strong showing and last year’s winner may well be favorite to make a run in this year’s POY race.

Fabian Brandes of Austria had the chip lead coming into play, but he fell short and although six of the final eight players were from the United States, it was the Chinese player Li who sealed the deal in style.

In the final hand, Li’s rivered full house was more than good enough to beat Brandes’ hand and the Shanghai-based player won him an incredible top prize of over $1.4 million and of course the much-coveted gold WSOP bracelet – the first of his career to date.

WSOP 2022 Event #19 $25,000 PLO High Roller Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize
1st Tong Li China $1,467,739
2nd Fabian Brandes Austria $907,132
3rd Josh Arieh U.S.A. $644,365
4th Sam Stein U.S.A. $465,717
5th Scott Ball U.S.A. $342,590
6th Jonathan Depa U.S.A. $256,582
7th Emmanuel Sebag U.S.A. $195,713
8th Gregory Shuda U.S.A. $152,091

Denis Nesteranko Wins Event #20 for $108,000

Denis Nesterenko won the 20th WSOP bracelet of the summer after claiming victory in the $1,500-entry Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw event. Nesterenko beat Von Altizer heads-up after the female player had come into the final table with the chip lead.

When British mixed game player Benny Glaser busted in sixth place, winning $14,947, Nesterenko made hay and climbed up the leaderboard. In the end, the Russian went into the final heads-up with a slight lead, but never let it go as Altizer was beaten, cashing for $66,910, while Nesterenko won the $108,250 top prize and his first-ever WSOP gold bracelet.

WSOP 2022 Event #20 $1,500 Limit 2-7 Lowball Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize
1st Denis Nesterenko Russia $108,250
2nd Von Altizer U.S.A. $66,910
3rd Evan Sayer U.S.A. $44,347
4th Hieu Luu U.S.A. $30,107
5th Yufei Zhong China $20,948
6th Benny Glaser United Kingdom $14,947
7th Peter Lynn U.S.A. $10,945

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