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  • 5 quotes from WSOP champions, including Johnny Chan & Doyle Brunson

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has been an institution in the poker world since the ‘70’s, and has grown from an unknown event, to a huge, annual, televised production with circuit events held through the entire year.

Due to the fanfare of the WSOP and the momentous wins it’s brought through the years, it goes without saying that the best poker players of all time have competed — and won a WSOP bracelet (the most coveted prize, other than a huge stack of chips a player can win).

Because you can never have too much wisdom, we’re listing our favorite quotes from some of the best WSOP players & champions to make you laugh, inspire your game, or give you that edge you’ve been looking for.

  1. “A sucker don’t ever catch on. A smart man don’t ever sleep. He’s got to keep ducking the traps.” – Johnny Moss

This is a great quote from 9-time WSOP bracelet winner Johnny Moss, and is a great reminder to never get too comfortable with your game. Think you know the players sitting around the table? Think again — just because you might not be brushing up on poker techniques, doesn’t mean your opponents’ aren’t.

  1. “If you never bluff, you’ll rarely get called. If you bluff all the time, you’ll always get called.” – Phil Hellmuth

To bluff, or not to bluff? That’s not what Shakespeare said at all, but maybe he should have — bluffing is an art when it comes to poker, and can make or break your game. Here, Hellmuth cautions against forgoing bluffing entirely, suggesting players use their discretion, but utilize both.

phil hellmuth concentrating at wsop

Phil Hellmuth at work, focusing on himself & his game.

  1. “I’d work on my game online and at casinos, build my bankroll, find good games, and try to put myself in a position to keep winning and earn a steady income.” – Phil Ivey

Did you know Phil Ivey is the youngest player to win 9 WSOP bracelets? He is — the professional poker player is also known for his high-stakes games, once beating out Andy Beal of $16 million. Not a shabby amount to win before you’ve even turned 30.

johnny chan poker player

Johnny Chan — sans lucky orange.

  1. “Not too many players try to bluff me. If there’s going to be bluffing or stealing going on, I’m going to be the one doing to it.” – Johnny Chan

Johnny Chan has racked up 10 WSOP bracelets, 51 cashes, $4,681,323 in earnings, and one lucky orange during his WSOP career. However, this advice might only work for the most seasoned players — if you take your opponents’ face & reaction for what they truly are, you could get burned. On the other hand, it’s a good strategy to keep your own mental state in-check. Instead of constantly wondering if a player is hiding something, ‘take them at face value’ for a hand or two, and see what the result is. Then, adjust your game accordingly.

doyle brunson and winnings at 8th wsop

Doyle Brunson (R), looks over his winnings at the 8th Annual WSOP in Las Vegas.

  1. “What took me decades to learn, these kids can get on the Internet…What I learned by brute force, dealing out hands, they learn on computers. It tends to make for fairly technical players, but they make up for it with aggression, the kind that comes when you learn things fast.” – Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson is arguably one of the most seasoned poker veterans of our time (and probably our parents’ time, if we’re being honest) and his advice should definitely be heeded to. With that, we think Brunson makes a great point here — If you’re going to hone your poker strategy online (which, in a pandemic, is definitely the safest route) it’s nice to balance it out with some actual, sit-down games around a table. This will give you well-rounded experience when it comes to player poker, and can help you slow down, yet remain aggressive without compromising your game.

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