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Poker Rooms Across Nevada Collect $8.9 Million in Rake During November

Per the latest revenue report released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB), the Silver State collected $8.92 million in rake from poker tables in November of 2016.

That number represented a slight dip from the $8.97 million raked by Nevada poker rooms in September of 2015.

This particular set of NGCB data concerns cash game poker tables only, as tournament tables are tracked using a different accounting method. Cash game rake constitutes a small percentage of every pot generated, which is removed from the pot and added to the casino’s coffers. For tournament play, on the other hand, casinos add entry fees to the total buy-in figure.

On a regional level, nearly 64 percent of the total poker room revenue was generated in the city of Las Vegas – representing another small decrease from last November’s 65 percent mark. Poker rooms located on The Strip or in outlying areas of Sin City hauled in $5.68 million in rake altogether.

The Strip area is by far Nevada’s most productive poker room locality, serving as the venue for 20 poker rooms which spread 275 tables. With 65 poker rooms scattered throughout Nevada, covering 625 poker tables, The Strip is home to just over 30 percent of the state’s poker rooms, and 44 percent of its tables.

On a year-to-year basis, Nevada’s poker economy generated $117.7 million in rake between November of 2015 and November of 2016. This figure is nearly identical to the yearly rake collected over the same 12-month span between 2014 and 2015.

Over the course of 2016, every month produced a poker rake between $8 million and $10 million – except for June and July. The summer months are when the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and other annual tournament series transform Las Vegas into a poker paradise, as thousands upon thousands of recreational players and professionals arrive en masse to compete in the game’s world championships.

Accordingly, the influx of poker players during those months results in monthly poker room rake rates doubling on average in June, while increasing by 50 percent in July as the WSOP schedule winds down.

Overall, the comprehensive gambling win posted by Nevada’s casinos totaled $930.4 million this past November, representing a drop of 1.47 percent from the previous November’s $944.3 million win rate.

But as Michael Lawton, who serves as senior research analyst for the NGCB, told the Las Vegas Sun in a December 29 interview, using month-to-month trends can be deceiving:

“The state was facing a difficult comparison. Last November, the state was up 7.8 percent. But the state has only recorded two decreases in the last six months. For the calendar year, the state is up 1.7 percent.”

The table below contains a full review of Nevada’s poker room rake figures on a monthly basis over the last year:

Nevada Poker Room Rake by Month
Month – Rake – Year-to-Year Movement
January – $9.5 million – Down 2.85 percent
February – $8.98 million – Up 5.44 percent
March – $9.68 million – Down 0.01 percent
April – $8.57 million – Up 0.86 percent
May – $8.88 million – Down 13.92 percent
June – $16.14 million – Up 1.88 percent
July – $12.33 million – Up 7.63 percent
August – $8.24 million – Down 3.23 percent
September – $8.44 million – Up 1.47 percent
October – $8.71 million – Down 0.23 percent
November – $8.92 million – Down 0.65 percent

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