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Matt StevensonNovember 04, 2015
February 02, 2018

PokerStars Announces Upcoming Site Upgrades

This Sunday, PokerStars announced that they will be adding some big feature changes to their site.

According to Eric Hollreiser, Vice President of Corporate Communications for Amaya Inc. and PokerStars, “PokerStars today unveiled a comprehensive plan to enhance the playing experience and to re-emphasize the fun and social aspects of online poker while attracting and retaining more players to the game. Poker is a fun game that we love and our responsibility is to make sure that every player at PokerStars — advanced, recreational, or new — can enjoy this game as much as we do.”

The focus on these changes will be on adjusting the site’s VIP program, promotional campaigns, policies, and more. The changes are all in line with the company’s goal of growing the poker player base while still retaining older players. Currently, these changes are still in the works, but they will all begin in 2016.

Changes to the VIP System:

Starting on January 1st, 2016 the current FPP currency system will become StarsCoin, a currency system that will remain at a constant value rather than a variable one.

PokerStars believes that “This will simplify the reward system and enhance its visibility during play so that players can follow their progress in real time.”

The VIP Club rewards will also be slightly adjusted. There will be a new cap in place at 30%. The cap will mainly affect those players who are already at a high tier in the rewards system, such as supernova, supernova elite, and platinum players. As these rates are adjusted, players will notice that they gain slightly different amounts than previously. For some, it may be more, and others may receive less. All of these changes share the end goal of keeping the rewards system as fluid as possible, so it is very clear what the next tier is for you and where you currently stand with your available rewards.

Changes To Third-Party Software Policies

Last month PokerStars announced that they would be making changes to the third-party software policies to make sure that players were not allowed to use third-party software during a match.

After these changes come into effect, the player will be “no longer permitted to display non-numerical data, categorize players, or dynamically display statistics specific to a certain situation.” This includes “programs that compute equities of various ranges of hands against one another.”

“Today, we want to make clear that the line will be drawn to preserve poker as a battle of wits and a test of heart,” Hollreiser said. “This will only have a direct effect on a small proportion of players and builds upon our responsibility to provide a level playing field for all players.”

Changes to Marketing Strategy

As PokerStars continues to move forward, they are investing more in a new marketing campaign. If everything continues as planned, this should help draw in new players while keeping the older players happy.

For any company to continue keeping their user-base happy changes will need to be made going forward. We believe that these are just part of the changes that any growing company must face, and in time it will be for the best.

What do you think about these upcoming changes? Feel free to leave a comment and we’ll discuss more below.

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