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If like us, you love your slot game speckled with a little bit of mystery and magic, then Playtech’s Legacy of the Wild online slot might just get your kettle bubbling. It’s a magic-themed slot that borrows a leaf from the well-beloved and popular world of wizardly. Firing its reels will take you straight into a world, dominated by sorcery and spells.

But will this online slot cast a charming spell on you? Or will you find yourself in the middle of the wizardly hour of horror? We dusted off our spell book and took a closer look at the Legacy of the Wild slot game. Abracadabra!

About Legacy of the Wild Slot Game

Create your own legacy by entering Playtech’s world, filled with wizards, wild symbols, cascading reels, and wins. Dominated by beautifully rendered imagery and innovative features, Legacy of the Wild slot game is one that brings together all the best parts of slots entertainment. However, before you can start to cast spells over these reels and magic some cash out of the blue, you’ll need to know how to write your own unique entry in the books of casino history. This is why we highly recommend that you play Legacy of the Wild slot game for free before staking any real cash.

The beautifully rendered graphics come with a classic feel to it, but with a pomp and colour like other games we’ve reviewed here . However, keep in mind that this isn’t the latest release from Playtech so don’t really expect much in terms of fancy graphics as it offers you the simpler versions.

The backdrop of Legacy of the Wild slot game is a sorcery room, with several books on the table. There are also images that represent some sorcerers, some of whom look like Harry Potter without spectacles and Gandalf the White from the Lord of the Rings.

Far from the images, we must admit that the soundtrack of Legacy of the Wild online slot is on point and we couldn’t turn it off for any reason. Whenever you spin the reels, there is a whooshing sound, much like the one where a spell is being cast. There are also classic tones every time the reels come to a stop. The jingles that play each time you land a winning combination are gratifying too!

Legacy of the Wild Slot Gameplay

Even though magical wands and potions are the way to go whenever you want to summon up some fortune in the wizardly world, things are slightly different in the Legacy of the Wild slot(s). In order to cast a spell on the 5 reels and 50 paylines, you’ll have to wager between a minimum of $0.04 up to a maximum of $120 per spin. The much you wager could come in the form of real money or play money – the choice is yours.

Regardless of your choice, if you are lucky enough, the maximum you can win from the game is set at 300,000 coins. And of course, we don’t have to remind you that the higher your bet, the higher your chances of hitting the top prize.

In-game Features

There are several features that Legacy of the Wild slot(s) offers. They include:

  • Expanding wilds
  • Cascading reels
  • A jackpot

Below is a detailed description of each feature below.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The wild symbol in Legacy of the Wild slot(s) is represented by the ‘Book of Wilds’ symbol. In addition to substituting other symbols to form winning combinations, it’s also acts as an expanding wild . This means it can cover the entire reel to increase winning opportunities . Legacy of the Wild slot machine does not have any scatter symbol.

Bonus Features

Legacy of the wild slot machine features the cascading reels feature . What this feature does is to disappear all the symbols that are only part of the winning combination . This creates more room for symbols to fall from above to fill the void left. If you land more symbols that form possible winning combination, the reels will disappear again and the whole process repeats itself. It will continue until no more wins can be formed.

As the reels ‘cascade’ every Book of Wilds symbol that land on the reels opens a new page. It then proceeds to turn another position on the reels wild. If you are lucky to land five wild symbols in a row, a cross symbol (+) appears on the reels.

Legacy of the Wild Online Slot

It’s worth mentioning that every successive win on the reels lights up a crystal ball that you see to the left of the reels. If you’ve are lucky to lite up five balls , then free spins game is triggered. Consequently,  every new win after that awards more free spins. Furthermore, when the free spins game is active, the wild Book of Wilds symbol will always add the cross symbol (+).

All in all, you can receive up to a maximum of 50 free spins with this game.

Legacy of the Wild Jackpot

Legacy of the Wild slot machine also has a jackpot attached to it. When you manage to land five (5) wizard symbols on an active payline, you’ll get a maximum payout of 750x your bet . There’s also a high chance of winning the top prize of 300,000 coins during the free spins game, but only when you bet max.


Legacy of the Wild slot game is a straightforward and easy to play game; the type of release that most people take for granted these days. If you are a big fan of the magical genre just like us here at XXXXX , then Legacy of the Wild slot machine is a fantastic game to play with amazing in-game features. If you are into online slots with multiple winning opportunities , impressive free spins features , crisp graphics , and a massive top payout , don’t waste any more time. Sign up at any one of the recommended Playtech online casinos, cast your spell on the reels and see if you’ll have the wins come your way!


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