Scatter Brains 2 Slot Review

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Imagine finding yourself in the familiar Vegas-like scenario, surrounded by Zombies? Are you going to fight your way out or you’ll let the Zombies devour you? This is what Playtech’s release, Scatter Brains 2 slot game will answer shortly and it surely does promise to keep you on the edge of your seat! The Zombie-themed slot has cleverly been designed and offers you an eerie audio-visual experience. In addition to that, it does offer a free spins game, through which you stand a chance of pocketing up to 100x your wager.

If you are curious on how to trigger the top prize, plus get all the extras that come with Scatter Brains 2 slot(s), read on our review.

About Scatter Brains 2 Online Slot

Attention! Attention! Attention!! Prepare yourself fully for a full Zombie attack! The undead have awoken from their sepulchers, climbed out of the body bags, rolled off from the morgue tables and are now gearing to take over the universe. [Mild panic sets in] Someone grab a wooden stake, the garlic, a silver cross and rush to the sunlight! Oh, wait, these aren’t vampires. Wrong survival ploy! So what next?

Amidst all the TV Series and films about Zombies, a slot themed around the same was bound to be developed sooner or later! Which is why Playtech decided to be among one of the first few to make this happen. With Scatter Brains 2 slot machine, you can picture the living vs the dead, a little gore and a sinister setting. If you are not a big fan of Zombie themed movies or games, this is about to change!


Coming straight to a smartphone (iPad, tablet, or mobile phone) or PC nearest to you, this scarily fascinating and creepily good Scatter Brains 2 slot game is bound to thrill players of all tastes. As a player, you have only one objective, to survive the apocalypse and get rewarded with cash prizes.

To ramify the zombie theme, Playtech has used several other humans that will help you fight off the Zombies in question. In total, there are five people, who alongside with you’ll use an assortment of weaponry including axes, pans, pots and petrol bombs to survive. These are what we’d like to refer to as the high paying symbols.

Also included on the reels are the low paying symbols. They include beautifully illustrated card symbols A, K, Q and J. These symbols work in sync with the high paying symbols to award you with the low-medium payouts.

Scatter Brains 2 Slot Machine Gameplay

As you play Scatter Brains 2 slot game, you’ll realize that it has 5 reels, 3 rows and a massive 243 unique ways of winning. With all these ways, it’s surely impossible not to escape from the Zombies and claim your cash prize(s). However, how much you cash in depends on the symbol you’ve landed on the reels. Landing five of the red character symbols on an active payline will see you get yourself a top payout of 6x your bet. The scatter symbol pays out up to 5x your bet when you land three on the reels. Other characters pay out as follows.

  • Orange Character – 2.4x your bet
  • Green Character – 1.5x your bet
  • Purple Character – 1.2x your bet

The allowable bet range as you play Scatter Brains 2 slot game ranges from a minimum of $0.10 up to a maximum of $500 per spin. While this large range allows players of all walks to spin the reels, it’s worth mentioning that those who go for the highest possible bet increase their winning chances.

Scatter Brains 2 Slot(s) In-game Features

When it comes to the in-game features of Scatter Brains 2 slot game, there’s nothing much going on. It’s a pretty straightforward and basic slot, with wild wins, scatter free spins and multipliers all found in the free spins and re-spins game.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The game’s biohazard warning sign acts as the wild. Like any other wild symbol, it substitutes for all the other symbols to help form winning combinations. The scatter symbol on the other hand is represented by the brain symbol.

Free Spins Game and Re-Spin Features

If you manage to land scatter symbols on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reels simultaneously, you’ll automatically trigger the free spins game. Once the free spins game is active, you’ll get to see three special zombie wilds roaming the reels and replacing any symbol(s) they come across. If there’s a scatter symbol, it is replaced by a special feature wild, and in the process awarding you with a 3x multiplier.

If you are lucky enough to have a zombie wild land on any one of the character symbol(s), then the re-spin feature is triggered. During this game, the Zombie wild will substitute the character symbol and award a 3x multiplier.


The Lowdown to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Back to our first question – do you think you’ll survive a zombie apocalypse? Using garlic will only make your brain tastier, while the wooden sticks will prove useful when roasting the brain-shish kebabs. Therefore, if you don’t want to be a zombie snack, you should follow the following tips to the letter.

  • Preparation is the most important step. And how do you prepare? Simple, zombie proof your house by barricading your doors and windows with anything heavy!
  • Hangout with a friend who’s slower than you. We know this might sound mean but when it comes to survival mode, just get someone who’s slower than you, even if it’s your neighbor who you don’t like!
  • Practice makes perfect, this is what our mothers always told us. And the best way to perfect your survival skill is to play Scatter Brains 2 slot game across recommended Playtech casinos online.


You have to choose your side as you play Scatter Brains 2 slot game online. However, be wise and pick the survival side, where you’ll be able to take full advantage of the in-game bonuses and cash prizes that it comes with it. Let the battle for survival begin!

Scatter Brains 2 slot(s) has remarkable graphics and realistic animations that are we are sure will give even the most hardened zombie enthusiasts the creeps. The sound effects on the other hand will indeed please the zombie hunters in the house!

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