Tiki Paradise Slot Review

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Not many people know this, but paradise shows itself in several forms. However, if you’ve been looking for a modern perspective on what video slot Nirvana is all about, it’s about time you spun the reels of Playtech’s Tiki Paradise slot game.

Featuring a unique twist to online slot(s) gaming, Tiki Paradise slot machine has the power to offer mobile spinners something extra on the side. Not the ordinary mobile optimization or no download feature, no! Instead, it means that when you play Tiki Paradise slot game on your mobile phone, you are awarded extra features.

Those of you who are already intrigued as to what these features are and how to play Tiki Paradise slot game should read on!

About Tiki Paradise Slot(s)

With surf and sand as far as your eye can see, what on earth was it about this slot machine that caught our paradise lover’s consideration? Set in what appears to be a sandy landscape, dotted with palm trees and rocks, this rewarding and kooky game introduces you to the Tikis, you know, the cast of legendary masked creatures that were born out of the ancient tradition. And in Tiki Paradise slot(s), these odd-looking fellas are key to raking in some cash for you in the game.

Far from the odd-looking creatures, Tiki Paradise online slot is brighter than Dirty Dancing slot, Bowling Frenzy slot and Marilyn Monroe slot combined.  By firing Tiki Paradise slot game reels, you are going to head straight into our fantasies. While the number one wish on our wish list is to wake up in a Ski Resort, the second one is to wake up in a remote, sunny and sandy island retreat.

The well-structured bamboo reels have been set against transparent reels, right at the front of a blue sky. While there’s no azure sea and lapping of water against a sandy shore, there’s indeed a sandy shore where you can pitch camp and enjoy the sun as you sip away some mojito.

The reels have been framed by bamboo sticks and the symbols used all represent Tikis, with different masks colors. Perched at the top of the reels are a bunch of words that spell out Tiki Paradise TM as if to woo you to enter this heaven on earth.


Tiki Paradise Slot(s) Gameplay

When you start to play Tiki Paradise slot game, you’ll definitely like the whole atmosphere. The sun is out and bright, the sands are golden and the symbols have perfectly been set up to win some serious money. However, before you get to enjoy all the privileges of spinning the reels, whether, for real money or free, you need to choose bet limits from as little as $0.20 up to a maximum of $600 per spin. Payouts will then correspond to a minimum of 2.5x up to a maximum of 250x your bet.

While this is impressive enough on its own right, the inclusion of the word ‘paradise’ in the game invokes certain thoughts. And Tiki Paradise slot machine is more than able of making these thoughts a reality with its unique high roller feature. More about this in the section that follows.

Tiki Paradise Slot Game In-game Features

Once you’ve appeased the Tiki gods by selecting the bet amount you’d like to spend, you can now proceed to the game’s in-game features. It’s worth stating that you are not guaranteed of these features popping up. However, if you’ve pleased the Tiki gods enough, maybe then can you get a few of them coming up.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

Tiki Paradise Slot(s) has a wild symbol that’s represented by the flaming torch. Like any other wild, it can substitute for all the other symbols besides the scatter. Additionally, landing five of the wild symbols on an active payline guarantees you a 250x multiplier.

The scatter symbol is the ‘Free Games’ symbol. And while it doesn’t carry any form of payouts, if you manage to land them on reels 1, 3 and 5 simultaneously, then you activate the free spins game.

Free Spins Game

Once active, the least number of free spins that you can be awarded is ten. Once activated, you are required to pick two of three extra bonus rounds to accompany the free spins. Your options include:

  • Picking multipliers to accompany the free spins
  • Receiving stacked wild symbols with every spin
  • Having the capacity to create wins anywhere along the reels as long as you’ve landed symbols on successive reels. For this, the symbols don’t need to start from the first reel

Tiki Paradise Online Slot

Wild Nights Bonus Game

The Wild Nights bonus games is randomly triggered. Once active, you’ll be asked to pick one of the reels and should a stacked wild appear on this reels on the successive spin, you receive guaranteed wins or an improvement to the current wins.



High Roller Bet Feature

We’ve already mentioned the high roller bet feature before. So, when you choose to activate it, it will cost you 10x your original stake. However, it offers the advantage of awarding you with five free spins with Wild Nights active. Furthermore, there are extra scatter symbols added on the reels. This improves your chances of triggering the free spins game.

Tiki Paradise Jackpot

Tiki Paradise slot game offers you a medium jackpot of 250x the maximum bet. To activate this, you must land five wild symbols on an active payline.


Tiki Paradise slot game is easy to the eye and as evident in this Tiki Paradise slot machine review, is generous on the extras. Furthermore, it’s a fun game to play, especially when you choose to play it on the mobile platform. If you are eager to try it out, it’s about time you visited any one of the Playtech online casinos listed on this page. You never know, you could land yourself a payday enough to fund your holiday getaway – to the land of the Caribbean perhaps!

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