3-Alarm Fire Slots

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A Red-Hot Three-Reel Slot with Wilds, Multipliers and a Progressive Jackpot

You might not want to stand too close to 3-Alarm Fire, as this slot looks like it could ignite at any time. Perhaps that’s why you’ll find a firefighter’s cap in the title and an axe to gain access to the extinguisher. On the reels you’ll find the flaming sevens symbols the most important in the game, offering up big prizes while offering a wild multiplier too. With sevens and bars, this WMS design gives a nice nod to classic slots – look out for hidden prizes with these symbols while you spin!

Reasons to Give 3-Alarm Fire a Spin

Available at both the live casino and online, 3-Alarm Fire is an all-action, offering the following range of features:

  • A three-reel slot featuring a set number of five win-lines.
  • The ‘triple’ symbol which pays the highest, acts as the wild and adds a multiplier.
  • Added watermark ‘multipliers’ to the standard symbols, ready to give any win a boost.
  • The chance of a progressive bonus too, if you line those triples up right!


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The Triple Wild Symbol

It’s clear that the most important symbol in the game is the triple symbol. This appears on all three reels and is the highest paying symbol. As well as the impressive prize, the triple acts as the wild and will substitute for any other symbol on the reels. Any wins which use the wild symbol have an added boost, as the pay out will be multiplied by 3. This is a welcome boost to any win, but that’s not quite the end of the story.

If you manage to hit a win with two triple symbols, the multipliers work together – instead of a 3x multiplier you’re suddenly looking at a 9x multiplier. This will turn any win in the game to a big one, making for real excitement when those triples start appearing. When you consider that two triple symbols on a single line will guarantee a win anyway, this really is the best of both worlds.

Progressive Jackpot

At some casinos, you’ll also find a progressive jackpot offer in play, which will pay out under certain conditions. For example, you might have to be playing for the maximum stake and land the three triple symbols on line one (as opposed to the usual pay which will be yours on the other four win-lines).

Inferno Fun - The Base Game

3-Alarm Fire is three-reel slot with a total of 5 win-lines (there are also some 9 win-line versions available). Win-lines 1, 2 and 3 are the horizontals moving across the middle, the top and bottom, while lines 4 and 5 are the two diagonals.

Three triples in a row pays an impressive 3,000 coins, even if you don’t win the jackpot. Three sevens in a row are worth 60 coins, while the bar symbols fill the rest of the reels. The triple bar pays 40 coins, the double bar pays 20 coins and the single bar pays 10. A combination of the three bar symbols is worth 5 coins.

Occasionally the standard symbols will appear with a wild watermark. For example, the seven symbol might appear with a 5x or a 2x multiplier attached. Land a win with the wild watermark and the multiplier will be applied. You can boost any seven win by up to 10x and bar wins can be boosted by up to 8x.


Traditional 3-Alarm Fire Slots Design

3-Alarm Fire is a nice mix of modern slots and classic slot gaming. The white backed reels appear much as they might have done at any time in the last 50 years. While the mix of sevens and bars that dominate the reels only add to the traditional feel. However, the surrounds to the reels gives this game a modern bite. The title is flame filled, while the overall slick black and red colour scheme adds attitude to the game.

Will 3-Alarm Fire Ignite Your Bankroll?

3-Alarm Fire is a fun and fast-paced game which will get the adrenaline going. While many fellow 3-reel games can be a little mundane and over-simplistic, this game has added features to throw into the mix. The triple symbol is the one to keep your eye out for. You’ll win big when landing three in a row, whether 3,000 coins or the jackpot, while it will also boost other wins too as the wild. Look out for those wild watermarks on the standard symbols too, always there to give any win added fire.

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