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3 Reel Slot Gaming with a High Energy Bonus Feature

When you pass the Aftershock slots on the casino floor, you could easily think this is much like any other 3-reel traditional slot. The base game is simple enough – you line up 7’s and bar symbols over up to 5 win-lines. What you’ll find is that things get exciting fast when the random bonus feature kicks in. This involves free respins, with pulsating music and special symbols that can stay on the reels.

Here are the key reasons why the Aftershock slots stand out from other mechanical 3-reel games:

  • Exciting bonus feature, triggered at random, with up to 7 respins
  • Wilds, doubles and triples combine for huge wins
  • Bet up to 5 win-lines on every spin
  • Progressive jackpots available on the 5th win-line

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Aftershock Slots High-Energy Respins Feature

Many slots require special symbols to trigger the bonus games. Aftershock does things differently. You’ll be spinning as usual, and pulsating high-energy music will kick in. While this might remind you of a 1980’s nightclub scene, you’ll be happy to see what comes next.

Lights flash along the sides of the cabinet, and the reels take on a life of their own – shaking up and down before each spin.

Those spins will see wild symbols, plus two types of special ‘Aftershock’ symbols hit the reels. Wilds simply connect other winning symbols. The Aftershock ones are either double or triple – giving you 2x and 3x wilds (which can work together).

The biggest wins (which enter the 1000’s of coins) come in when you get 3 of the Aftershock wilds on a line. If you are playing all 5 lines – which is recommended – and hit 3 Triple Aftershock symbols on line 5, then you’ll win a big progressive jackpot.

Those special symbols can stay on the reels. Instead of spinning, the reels containing them will move up and down, shifting the Aftershock symbols to different positions while the other reels spin.

You’ll never quite know when this bonus will end. Sometimes you’ll get just 2 spins, other times up to 7. The music fades just as the reels spin when it ends. This adds a lot more excitement to the bonus than you’d think!

Game Setup and Betting for the Aftershock Slots

This slot can be found in quarters and dollar denominations. There are 3 mechanical reels, and up to 5 win-lines. I recommend using all 5 lines, and lowering your bet size if needed, as this adds a lot more excitement to the bonus feature. Playing 5 lines also gives you a shot at the progressive jackpot.

Like most mechanical 3-reel games, all the information you need is right there in front of you. The pay table – including the line-by-line matrix of bigger prizes, can be found above the reels – with the progressive prize above that. This is not a new slot – as the LCD display for your wins and bets to the right will show.

Winning Combinations

Traditional symbols are used, with sevens, bars and combo 7-bar symbols spinning around the reels. You will not always get symbols fully on the reels, with blanks in play.

Of the regular symbols, red 7’s have the best prize. 3 of these on a win-line are worth 60 coins. These are followed by the green, purple 7’s and yellow-bar 7’s. You’ll get wins for mixed 7’ and for bars (which include bar / seven-bar combinations).

Wild symbols pay 250 for 3 on a win-line. These can be boosted by the double / triple Aftershock wilds. Prizes for the special triple-double-triple Aftershock wilds combinations depend on which win-line they land on. These range from 3000 coins for line 1 to 7000 coins for line 4. Line 5 has the biggest prize of all – the progressive jackpot.

Aftershock Online Slot WMS

Design of the Aftershock Slots

I’d call this a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It looks like any other traditional 3-reel slot when you first see the reels. These are mechanical drums, with plain white backing and traditional symbols on them.

It is only when the bonus feature kicks in that you’ll realise this is no ordinary game. The strip of mostly red lights around the cabinet goes crazy, and that high-energy electronic music blasts out. There are some nice touches, including lightning coming from the sides of the pay table.

Will This Slot Give You Shocking Big Wins?

Aftershock from WMS is traditional slot gaming at its most intense. If you are used to the complex 5-reel games that proliferate today, then mechanical games might seem old-hat. When you experience the intensity of the respin feature – you’ll find this every bit as exciting as the newer video slots.

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