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Screenshot of Casino Island slots with nautical symbols

Simple 5 Reel Slot Play with a Nautical Feel

Let’s face it, slots are getting more complex with each passing year. Multiple bonus games, random features and wilds that behave in unexpected ways are becoming the ‘new normal’. Casino Island takes you right back to basics. This slot features simple game-play, big win potential and a single bonus game which won’t confuse anyone!

There is a newer version of this game. That one is called Casino Island 2. They are essentially the same – with updated graphics for the new version.

Here are the highlights of the original Casino Island slots:

  • Choose a single win-line, or up to 5
  • Win with just 2 symbols from the left
  • Big wins for lining up 5 of the treasure chests
  • Bonus game where you sail to islands to find treasure

Set Sail for the Casino Island Bonus Feature

The only feature on Casino Island is a picks game. This is as simple a game as you will ever find on a slot. The scene is the sea, with rocky islands around the top part of the screen. At the bottom of your screen is a sailing boat – ready to go.

All you need to do is pick a destination from the rocky islands above. The boat will duly sail towards it. If the boat reaches the island, you win a credit amount – and get to pick a new destination for additional prize chances.

Sometimes as you sail to an island, you’ll come unstuck. Hidden rocks will stop your boat from reaching its destination – ending the bonus game.

This feature does occur reasonably often, though the wins can be on the small side. To trigger it, you need 2 of the sailing ship symbols consecutively on a win-line. These do not have to be from the left - and increasing the number of win-lines you play will boost your chances of hitting the feature.

Here is How the Casino Island Slots Work

No complex math needed before you spin. Instead of working out a balance of win-lines, denominations and coin multipliers – you just use a toggle to the right of the reels. This lets you pick up to 5 win-lines. While a small amount compared to most 5-reel slots, this does mean wins will be bigger when they do line up. There is no advantage in terms of the pay-table for picking all 5 lines.

Unusually, you can spin from just 1c per line – making this a penny slot in every sense of the word. Bigger coins are available for the high-rollers out there.

Pay Table Above the Reels

You won’t need to locate the information button and scroll through multiple instructions pages to find the pay table for Casino Island. Instead, this stretches in a live above the reels. The smallest prizes are on the left. These show that two symbols pay from just 2 of a kind. These are the bell, and the boat with brown sails. Many slots have higher paying symbols as the ones that pay with just 2. Casino island takes the opposite approach – these are the smallest paying symbols.

There are no filler symbols for this game. Everything has a maritime feel. The biggest prizes (6,000 coins) are triggered by liming up five of the treasure chests – which show gold coins inside. Next comes anchors, worth 1,000 coins for the maximum 5. A lighthouse, compass, ships wheel, life ring, propeller and ship with red sails complete the line up of symbols. There are no wilds in play – with the only other symbols the boat with white sails which triggers the picks game.



Design of the Original Casino Island Slots

The single screen which contains all the action has a deep sea-blue surround. The reels are placed to the bottom left, with the buttons to the right and pay table above.

Those reels are designed with a curved look – mimicking the mechanical slots that used to dominate casino floors. There are markers for each of the 5 win-lines either side.

Artwork for the symbols is smart enough, though does look like it comes from a bygone era of design. You’ll hear mechanical sounds when you spin, and electronic jingles for your wins.

Should You Keep Things Ship-Shape with the Casino Island Slots?

This game would be the perfect antidote for the over-complex slots which are popular today. It is retro in look, feel and game-play. If you crave a session on a simple slot – which certainly has big win potential, then why not set sail for the Casino Island?

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