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A Complex and Enjoyable Casino Slot based on the Classic Board Game

Clue is a classic board game. It involves figuring out the murderer, murder weapon and location – set in an early 19th century mansion. Outside of the US, this game is better known as Cluedo. Generations will be familiar with Professor Plum, Reverend Green and Mrs White – and the weapons including the lead pipe, wrench and knife.

To say that the Clue slots are expansive would be an understatement. These games are packed with bonus action. There are also progressive jackpots and a picks game where you try and find who the murderer is.

What to Expect from the Spectacular Clue Slots

  • Familiar Characters and Settings
  • Multiple Bonus Features Based on the Rooms
  • Picks Game to Unlock Progressive Jackpots
  • Random Feature for Cash Wins

There is now a second version of Clue. This is a completely different machine, though based on the same characters and storyline. This review focuses on the popular original.

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Clue Slots: Room Bonus Features

You can trigger the bonus features in two ways. First, if you get 3 of the symbols showing a moonlit mansion on reels 1, 3 and 5 – you get to pick a room bonus. These unlock in sequence. These can also be triggered via the random bonus feature, you’ll need a coin or a diamond in your location to start the features.

For the regular bonuses, you get a map of the house, showing the rooms in different sizes. You pick the one you want to play. Each bonus is different, and some of them feature amazing animations.

Here are the highlights:

Kitchen Bonus: This gives you free spins with some special wild symbols. Knife wilds expand to cover entire reels (when they can trigger a win). Poison bottle wilds are single symbols - and come with a 2x multiplier. These wilds can appear at the same time. You keep spinning until you collect 5 wilds of either type. At this point the reels disappear. They are replaced with 5 cleavers. You pick one, which shows either more spins or ends the bonus.

Conservatory Bonus: This time you get 7 spins and see special dart symbols appear on the reels. Each dart gives you a shot at extra wins. You shoot at a musician, or a cardboard cut out of one at least. You win either more spins or a cash prize. If you knock a musician over, you get a bigger prize.

Billiard Room Bonus: This time you get billiard ball wilds during 5 free spins. These are collected below the reels. Your last spin becomes a ‘super spin’. Here you see a triangle containing your balls. These then scatter, bouncing around on the billiard table – then land on the reels. If you collect 6 or more, your last spin could be very profitable.

Ballroom Bonus: Instead of reels, you get cardboard figures showing the symbols dancing into formation for each of 7 spins. The extra here is that one symbol at random falls over, and is removed, on each spin. By the time you get to the final spin, there will be fewer types of symbol – meaning your chances of good reel coverage with one type goes way up.

Library Bonus: This is a picks game. You chose a shelf, which zooms in to reveal a line of books. You get 5 picks to start - and can zoom back out to pick different shelves if you wish. You can win cash amounts, more picks and find the other bonus features with each pick.

Jackpot Game: Choose the Protagonist, Weapon and Location

After each bonus you see a safe on the screen. This can either reveal a magnifying glass or a message ending your bonus. If you get the eye glass, you move on to the jackpot picks game.

This shows all the characters, weapons and locations. You pick one of each. If you get the combination right, you will win one of two jackpots. If you get it wrong, one of the picks gets a red cross. This means that your chances of picking correctly go up the more times you visit this game.

Random Clue Feature: Cash or Bonus Games

Sometimes you will see a map of the house, with characters in each room appear on the screen. You tap to start a light moving rapidly from room to room. When this stops moving, you will find a cash amount (bigger with coins and diamonds above the character), or entry to one of the bonus features.

Clue Slots Base Game

With so much going on, it is easy to forget that Clue has a solid base game. This uses a regular 5x3 reel setup, with 25 win-lines crossing it. Your bet can be multiplied, with max bets around $2.50c in most casinos.

The characters and weapons make up the winning symbols – with wilds in play to help connect multiple wins.

Clue Slots WMS

Amazing Animations and Voice-Overs

The Clue slots are given a lot of character via an exaggerated ‘posh’ British accent which is used for the voice-overs. This will explain your options, and comment on your selections in the jackpot picks game.

Those characters come to life when you pick them, standing to the side of the screen – they look amazing, brining the original game fully to life. Animations for the bonus games are also excellent. My picks are the unique ‘spins’ of the Ballroom bonus, and the super-spin with the billiard balls.

Does this Review Give You a Clue About Your Next Slot Pick?

WMS has a history of brining board-games to life. Their Monopoly slots are excellent. For me, Clue slots are even better. The sheer depth of the bonus features together with the amazing production brings this game to life. There is plenty of big win potential too – both from the bonus games and jackpot potential.


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