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An Arcade Style Slot with Prizes for Clusters of Matching Jewels

The Cool Jewels slot game is one of those unique slots which you could consider to be an arcade game too. Much like games such as Candy Crush and Bejewelled, you’re presented with a grid featuring jewels falling from the top of the screen and stacking on top of each other. Land a cluster of the same symbols and they’ll disappear, with new winning opportunities coming from the resultant cascades. Special symbols such as multipliers and a series of wilds with their own powers add variety into the mix, and look out for free spins too.

Reasons to Give Cool Jewels a Play

Cool Jewels is a colourful and unique game with the following range of features:

  • Win when clusters of four or more matching symbols appear on the screen.
  • Each subsequent win after a cascade will see the award per winning symbol move up the ‘pay per symbol’ trail.
  • Look out for 10x multipliers and free spins bonus symbols.
  • Wild symbols create paths of exploding symbols and can interact for special ‘Watermark’ symbols.


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Three Base Game Wild Symbols

There is a total of three base wild symbols which each have their own different properties:

Shocking Wild – This wild will destroy all symbols diagonal from its centre.

Unstable Wild – The unstable wild will destroy the eight symbols directly connected to it, horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Shattering Wild – This will destroy all symbols in a vertical and horizontal line with the wild.

When these wild lines intersect, things can get very interesting. A combination of unstable and shattering wilds will see a pink watermark added to the unstable symbols, where all watermarked symbols are destroyed after the next evaluation. Similar pink and blue watermarks are added when other combinations of wild intersect, which include multipliers and additional wilds.

A combination of two like wilds intersecting, add a persisting wild into the mix too. These symbols have the ‘unstable’ wild explosions but will not destroy themselves until they reach the bottom of the screen, giving the chance for many win opportunities.

The wild symbols appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 only.

Free Games Bonus Round

Look out for the ‘cool jewels’ bonus symbol which activates the free spins bonus round. Explode a total of 4 bonus symbols in a turn and you’ll enjoy 8 free spins. Exploding 5, 6 or the maximum 7 symbols will award you with 10, 15 or 20 free games respectively. Keep a track of exploding bonus symbols on the table to the right.

Enter the Jewellery Shop - The Base Game

Cool Jewels plays out on an eye-catching six by six grid. The reels will spin as standard and you’ll win when landing a cluster of four or more matching symbols. A cluster of symbols is defined as any that are connected vertically or horizontally to other.

The game features the cascading symbols system. Any time you win, the winning symbols will disappear from the reels, with the symbols from above falling into their place. The reels will now be evaluated again, and further wins paid out. Each successive win within just one turn will see you move up one rung of the pay per symbol table. With a total bet of 50 coins, the lowest rung of the pay table is worth 1 coin per symbol. However, as you move up as the wins keep coming, the pay per symbol rises to a maximum of 50 credits. A number of wins at this 50 credits level will see you awarded with a mega win.

Diamond symbols lining up add a 10x multiplier into the mix, giving you the opportunity for instant big wins.

Cool Jewels Slots WMS

Gem of a Slot - Cool Jewels Design

Cool Jewels is one of the most original slots you’ll find at the casino. The 6x6 set up gives the game a distinctive and eye-catching feel, highlighted by the extensive use of colour. The reels spin against a blue backdrop while the background scene is one of snow and ice. The game has an ambient and echoey soundtrack, which adds nicely to the icy theme of the game.

Will Cool Jewels Give Your Bankroll a Diamond Boost?

This WMS designed slot is one for those who like their slot play different. In many ways the game plays more like an app such as Candy Crush, nicely translated into a slot with many winning opportunities. With the variety of wilds and multipliers on the reels, the game is never dull. With free spins and special symbols too, the game only becomes more exciting. Give Cool Jewels a spin – it’s a must play.

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