Dean Martin’s Pool Party Slots

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A Unique and Entertaining Slot Based on the Hollywood Movie Star

There are times when the world legend can be overused, but when it comes to Dean Martin, it is an entirely suitable tag. Dean Martin was an allrounder in every sense of the word. He was a singer, a comedian, an entertainer and a movie-star and he managed all of these roles with a Hollywood flair. Little wonder that he would become known as the ‘King of Cool’. He’s that cool, that even more than two decades after his death, WMS have designed a slot in his honour.

Dean Martin’s Pool Party is a fun and original slot, you can hang out with the A-listers of times gone by while enjoying several exciting features.

Here are the highlights:

  • An unusual set up featuring a grand total of 11 reels!
  • With 100 win-lines in total, expect excitement on every spin.
  • A high variance game, where the set up ensures that when you do win, you’ll win big!
  • A free spins bonus feature that can be activated in two different ways.

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The Unusual Reel Set Up

The first thing that will catch your eye when playing this WMS designed game is the unusual reel set up. The right-hand side features three reels each six symbols high when the spinning stops – yes, they are higher than most, but nothing too unusual there. However, it’s the left-hand side that sets this game apart. You’ll see two 2x2 boxes of symbols, one on the upper half and one on the lower half. These two boxes encompass eight symbols in all, and every symbol appears independently, as if it has its own reel.

Playing with this unusual set up makes for a high variance game. Through each of the two 2x2 boxes run 50 win-lines. Land matching symbols in these early boxes and all 50 win-lines will still be in play when you hit reel three. If you win, there is therefore every chance that you’ll win big!

Two Variations of the Free Spins Bonus Feature

You’ll enter the free spins bonus feature in two ways, with each different method, giving you a slightly different feature.

The first method is to land the beach ball bonus symbol three times or more across any of the reels. This will gain you entry into a standard free spins feature.

You’ll enjoy the second method more, which is activated when you fill either of the 2x2 boxes with the same matching symbol. You’ll now receive 5 free spins, but these spins are with a difference. Instead of four individual symbols filling the 2x2 boxes, much larger 2x2 sized symbols now take their place. This makes wins much more likely and will lead to your biggest pay outs in the game.

Dean Martin’s Pool Party Slots: The Base Game

With the unusual reel set up you’ll find a base game featuring a total of 100 win-lines. Fortunately, you’ll only pay 1 credit for every 2 win-lines, keeping the cost down to just 50 credits per spin. Throughout the game, the wild symbol, which shows the ‘Pool Party’ logo, is stacked. Line up these stacks of wilds to give any spin a nice boost.

On the reels you’ll find such symbols as Dean Martin himself (in a deckchair), surrounded by a blonde, a brunette and a redhead. A rubber duck also appears, alongside a pair of sunglasses and a bottle of liquor (with two glasses).

Dean Martin's Pool Party Slots

Entertaining Dean Martin’s Pool Party Slot Design

This WMS designed slot is designed for fun. Dean Martin might have been a movie star, but now he is the star of an animated cartoon, with all of the characters in the slot designed in a fun, comedic style. During the base game, two ladies are around the pool, while Dean Martin appears to the left of the reels when the bonus feature hits. The game is high on colour throughout, while you’re hear the crooning voice of Dean Martin belting out some of his hits throughout play.

Memories are Made of This?

Dean Martin’s Pool Party is one of those unexpected slots that you’ll find at the casino. You won’t find many games based on 1950’s movie stars, and you’ll find even less with this unique set up. With the eleven reels in play, each spin has added excitement, especially when you match those symbols in the 2x2 boxes. You might not win quite as often as other slots but expect a larger pay out when you do – a high variance game and an exciting prospect. The game is fun too and is rounded off nicely by the soothing tones of Mr. Martin!

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