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A Fantasy Themed Slot Featuring Free Spins and Fire Tinged Bonus Wins

Dragon Mistress is a visually stunning slot from WMS. The base game is lit up with five different images, showing the variety of dragon mistresses in various poses with their dragons. This game is perhaps inspired by the Game of Thrones TV show, where Daenerys Targaryen is named the ‘Mother of Dragons’. Dragon Mistress has similar dark atmosphere to the TV show too. Look out for the colourful dragon eggs which activate the bonus feature, and the same colourful ‘now hatched’ baby dragons that appear on the reels.

Dragon Mistress is an atmospheric and artistic slot, you’ll be flying high while enjoying flame-filled bonus games:

  • A 5×4 reel set up featuring a set number of 40 win-lines.
  • See full size images appear on the reels – line up five in a row and complete the stunning image.
  • Watch the dragon breathe fire over the reels, leaving a number of wins on the screen – all but one will disappear, and whichever is left is yours.
  • Enter the free spins bonus feature when you line up five eggs in a row.


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Dragon Images

The large images featuring the dragon mistresses play the central role in this fantasy themed slot. During randomly selected spins, you’ll see these images moving through the reels – with your aim being to line up all five in a row to complete the image. You will still win if you line up just 3 or 4 parts of the image from left to right, but the biggest prizes are reserved for all five.

With a complete image, you’ll see the dragon engulf the image with fire. When the fire disappears, you’ll see a series of numbers on the screen, each representing a credit win – there can be 4, 5 or 6 different credit amounts. These will extinguish one by one until there are just two wins left on the screen. The two numbers will now move to the centre, and then one of the two is again extinguished, to leave your winning amount.

This feature can be tension filled, especially when there is an exceptionally large win on the screen. If you get down to the final two numbers and the large number is still there, the excitement levels rise further. Excitement is the name of the game with this feature.

Dragon Mistress Free Spins Bonus Feature

To enter the free spins bonus feature you’ll need to line up the five colourful dragon eggs in a row. By doing so you’ll gain 15 free spins. These free spins differ from the base game in that there is an image in play on every spin, giving you many more chances of those flame produced bonus wins.

Breathing Fire - The Base Game

The base game of Dragon Mistress features a 5x4 reel configuration, allowing for 40 win-lines. The game is a little unusual as the real focus is on the large images, with the smaller wins from the standard symbols being almost secondary. These standard symbols are made up of the five baby dragons and a mix of playing card symbols. Helping you along the way is the wild, which is represented by a hand holding a crystal ball. This will substitute for any other symbols apart from the large images and the bonus eggs.

Dragon Mistress Slots

Dragon Mistress Slots Fantasy Design

If you want to enjoy brilliant visuals in your slot gaming, this is a slot you should certainly seek out. The five brilliant images behind the reels add a whole new dimension to this game. What’s more, when the images fill the screens, they come to life too. The dragon mistress’s will tend their dragons, while looking out at and interacting with the player.

Throughout the game, there are five colours in play – orange, blue, red, green and purple. Each of the eggs is one of these colours, the baby dragons on the reels are one of these colours and the full-size images have these same shades predominant too.

Will Dragon Mistress Light Your Fire?

WMS have come up with an original, involving and visually brilliant slot in Dragon Mistress. While the base game offers up smaller wins, this slot is all about those full-size images, images that come to life when they fill the screen. You’ll now enjoy the excitement of those pay outs filling the screen and slowly extinguishing one by one. Enjoy even more chances of these bonus wins when you see those eggs fill the screen and the free spins start. An excellent and quite unique fantasy-themed casino slot.

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