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Spin the Dragon Wheel for Bonus Cash Prizes on this Traditional 3-Reel Slot

There are a number of slots that take inspiration from the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ TV show, with Dragon Wheel perhaps sticking closest to the original formula. The wheel simply features credit amounts in the segments, although the range of large numbers that can be won ensure excitement with every spin.

The base game has a classic feel. It’s just three reels and the majority of the symbols are the traditional bars and sevens – with the ‘dragon’ seven the symbol to look out for. Bonus boost appear on the reels too, meaning you may get more wheel spins than you bargained for.

Dragon Wheel is a straightforward but fun slot, which will appeal to those that enjoy old-style gambling.

Here are the key features to look out for:

  • A 3-reel base game featuring a total of 5 win-lines.
  • Classic symbols on white curved reels makes for a traditional slot experience.
  • Line up three bonus symbols and you’ll get to spin the Dragon Wheel.
  • Enjoy wins of up to 1,000 coins, while added bonuses await.

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Spin the Dragon Wheel

There is no doubt that the Dragon Wheel bonus feature is the highlight of the game. This is activated by landing three bonus symbols (each showing a mini version of the bonus wheel) on a win-line. You’ll now look up from the reels to the large spinning wheel above.

On the Dragon Wheel there are a total of 22 different segments. At the very top of the wheel, or north for those of you prefer compass points, is the top prize of 1,000 coins. The second largest prize of 500 coins lies at bottom of the reel (south). The rest of the segments range between prizes of 25 coins and 250 coins.

The spin itself is an interesting one. Usually you’ll see the pointer gradually slow down before settling on a segment, so you’ll have a good idea of which area of the wheel you’re heading towards. With this wheel, the pointer will suddenly just stop abruptly on one of the segments, so you’ll have no idea at all! If you’re lucky, you’ll land due north or south.

When you activate the feature, there are added bonuses too. These appear within the bonus symbols on the third reel. For example, you might land a bonus symbol that gives you 2 or 3 spins of the bonus wheel, or a multiplier applied to the wheel – which is always going to be welcome!

Breathing Fire - The Dragon Wheel Slot Base Game

Dragon Wheel is a straightforward three-reel slot, featuring just five win-lines. The first three lines are the three horizontals going across the middle, the top and the bottom. The final two lines are the two diagonals. To win you’ll simply need to line up three symbols in a row.

The reels are mainly made up of sevens and bars symbols. The standout symbol (apart from the bonus symbol) is the ‘dragon’ seven, which is orange and features a golden dragon curled within it. The blue seven is next on the pay table, followed by the bars. As usual, you’ll find the bars in triple, double and single forms. These are a bit more colourful than usual however, with blue and red lettering.

Look out for the ‘5 Pays Five’ symbol too, which will award an instant five bucks when appearing anywhere on the reels.

The ‘double’ symbol acts as the ‘wild’ and will substitute for all apart from the bonus symbol. Any time you win with this wild, the pay out is multiplied by 2. In some casinos, three ‘double’ symbols in a row will land you a very impressive progressive jackpot.

Dragon Wheel Online Slot

Asian Classic - Dragon Wheel Design

Dragon Wheel could be considered something of a throwback to classic slot gaming in terms of the design. OK, it’s not quite a ‘one armed bandit’, but you do have those 1980’s style illuminated push buttons and the white backed reels. The symbols are classic too, although they have had a touch of an Asian makeover. The dragon wheel above the reels is bold and bright - and certainly makes a statement!

Will Dragon Wheel Have Your Bankroll Spinning North?

Dragon Wheel is an excitement filled three-reel slot from WMS. One of the beauties of the game is the simplicity of it. Line up three symbols on the reels and you’ll win, or line up three bonus symbols and you’ll spin the wheel! That in no way takes away from the fun of the game however, as every spin of that wheel is there to give you a buzz. If you get lucky, you’ll spin more than once or see the win multiplied too.

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