Fortunes of the Caribbean Slots

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Spin to a Reggae Beat in this Money Burst Slot Game

From the title, you might be expecting another pirate-themed slot. While this game is certainly Caribbean, the focus is on the beautiful natural wildlife of the region. It uses the ‘Money Burst’ reel setup, which has an unusual winning system. There are two bonus games, which can be triggered independently or together. If you get them both at the same time, some very big wins could come your way!

These are the treasures (both natural and financial) that the Fortunes of the Caribbean slots have in store for you:

  • Money Burst: A non-standard reel setup, which has 60 win-lines
  • Random Wilds: One free spins game has plenty of random wilds on reels 3 through 5.
  • Sticky Symbols: Match 4 symbols to the left, and they stay in place while you spin 5 times.
  • Double Feature: Hit both bonuses at the same time and you’ll get 20 huge spins.

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How the Reels are Set Up

This slot has 5 reels, though this is where the similarity to other games ends.

You’ll find the first 2 reels have only 2 symbols on each. On the right-hand side are 3 reels which have 4 symbols each. This creates a system where you need to match the symbols on reels 1 and 2 to get wins. When you do this, they can trigger multiple wins where there are matches on the other reels.

The name ‘Money Burst’ is an accurate description. When you get matches on the 2-symbol reels, the win-lines can ‘burst’ out to the left. This comes into its own during the 2nd of the bonus games described below.

Shells Free Spins Bonus

This is the more standard of the free spins games on Fortunes of the Caribbean – at least in terms of how it is triggered. You need 3 of the shells, on reels 3, 4 and 5 to trigger it.

You will see an animation where the screen is closed in by panels - and will then start 5 free spins.

Before every spin, reels 3 to 5 get covered in random wilds. There can be a lot of these wilds for many spins. To take advantage of them, you need to match symbols on reels 1 and 2. This feature can be a little frustrating those times this does not happen. Conversely, when you do get matches, the ‘Money Burst’ system comes into its own – with multiple hits.

Fortunes of the Caribbean Matching Symbols Bonus

You can trigger free spins another way. If you get 4 identical symbols on reels 1 and 2, you will also get 5 free spins. These symbols will lock into place for those spins – and extra wilds are added to the right-side reels. This gives you a better shot at connecting wins. The dream scenario would be to get 4 wilds in the 4 spaces on the left!

Triggering Both Bonus Games Together

If you are lucky enough to get 4 matching symbols and 3 shells on the same spin – things get interesting fast.

For a start, this combination will trigger 20 free spins. For each spin, the left-hand group of symbols lock into place. There are then random wilds added to the reels on the right before every spin. You’ll be hoping for a high paying symbol or wild on the left-hand side, to turn this into a jackpot-sized feature.

Betting and Line Hits

This game has 60 win-lines, though the betting starts at just 30 coins. This gives you access to both features, and all the win lines. You can add a multiplier easily to increase your bet.

Wild symbols have the biggest prize. These show a huge sunset behind an island crowned with palm trees. 5 of a kind gets you 400 coins. Next on the pay table comes a beautiful lady, with flowers in her hair – along with a pearl necklace and broach. Each of these will get you 200 coins for the full 5.

A parrot, sea turtle, tree flop and orange fish are the next tier of winning symbols. The smaller prizes come from flowers and fruits.

Fortunes of the Caribbean Slots

Fortunes of the Caribbean Slots: Chilled Island Design

Fortune of the Caribbean has a gentle background music track, which has a chilled reggae vibe. This is broken by steel drum sounds for your wins.

The lady with flowers is showcased on the top of the cabinet, with an island and sea scene behind her. All the symbols are detailed, with the turtle catching the eye. When you win with the wilds, you get an amazing animation. This looks like dolphins leaping from the water towards you.

Will the Fortunes of the Caribbean Slots Bring Sunshine to Your Bankroll?

Money Burst slots are becoming popular as a change from the standard grid setups. If you line up symbols on the left – wins can be numerous. Fortunes of the Caribbean has a relaxed feel, with some beautiful artwork and animations. While some people will miss the pirates, I felt that the double bonus features more than made up for their absence.

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