Guardian of the South Slots

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Ancient Egypt as You Have Never Seen it in this Complex Slot

Guardian of the South has a twin with a different design. If you are familiar with the polar bear guarding treasure in ‘Guardian of the North’, then the giant Egyptian style cat here will not surprise you. This cat has a golden beard, and also guards a big pile of treasure.

There are many ways to unlock some of this treasure. Stacked symbols, wilds and multiple random bonus games are available. These combine to make the game-play ever-changing, and keep you engaged while you spin.

Here is what you can expect from Guardian of the South:

  • 50 Win-lines with stacked symbols for many multi-line hits
  • 5 random bonus features which can improve the results of any spin
  • Free spins where wild reels are common
  • Impressive design and animations as you’d expect from WMS



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Random Bonus Games

On most slots, when the reels stop spinning, wins are calculated, and your game is over. On Guardian of the South from WMS, you can get random features which will improve your results.

These are linked to special scatter symbols, showing the stern Egyptian cat which is guarding a big pile of treasure. Each time you see one, a trail of golden sparkles goes up to the top of the cabinet, landing on a sapphire studded chest.

Sometimes, this chest will open – showing you that one of the random features is about to come your way. There are 5 in total, divided into 3 different types.

Guardian of the South Online Slot

Extra Wilds: Two of the random bonuses involve wilds. One of these adds one or more completely wild reels to the screen. The other adds many wilds, scattering them about on the reels. Your wins are then recalculated – and can be hugely improved.

Picks Games: Other bonuses involve a row of ornate jars. You are instructed to pick one. This can show a multiplier (up to 100x) for the current win on the reels. It might also show a random cash prize.

Replacement of Symbols: You will sometimes get symbols replaced, this can be with a specific higher paying symbol, and can sometimes involve all the lower paying playing cards getting replaced at once.

Guardian of the South: Wild Free Spins

Random bonuses can also be won from within the free spins feature. This has the advantage of extra stacked wilds on the reels – giving a boost to any extra symbols or wilds that the random feature gives you.

To trigger this bonus, you need a minimum of 3 bonus symbols with the giant cat. You get 10 free spins, and with stacked wilds common on the reels, you get plenty of big win potential – whether or not you get any random features at the same time.

You can retrigger this free spins bonus with 3 more of the special cat bonus symbols.

Base Game and Betting

Like the Northern version, stacked symbols are common on the reels of this game. There are 5 reels, each with 4 rows of symbols – with 50 win-lines to cover them. Higher paying symbols are all treasures – with playing cards filling at the low end of the pay table. You’ll find wilds (both individually and in stacks) throughout both the base game and free spins bonus.


Glittering Black Panther Design

The top area of the cabinet of this slot will certainly catch your eye. The guardian looks like a cross between a statue of a cat, and a black panther. It has glowing eyes and wears a jewel encrusted necklace. In front of its huge paws is a gold and gem covered chest – in the foreground you’ll see plenty of gold, with stone pillars rising up from the sides.

With a black background, those jewel symbols shine out from the reels. There are some high-qualify animations while you play. Watch for the bonus symbols, and you’ll see glittering gold trails leaving the reels and landing in the chest that the panther guards.

While the picks games are simple, the graphics used for them are high-quality. Random features all start with a giant Guardian of the South slot logo covering the entire reel set.

Will the Black Cat Who is the Guardian of the South be Lucky for You?

An enjoyable and complex slot that will be popular for those that like maximum variety while they spin. Guardians of the South has a lot of random on-reel bonuses. These can turn any spin into a big winner - and do help add to the anticipation while you spin. If you enjoy Egyptian themed slots, this one will offer you a fresh look at this theme – check it out for yourself soon!

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