Hot Blooded Slots from WMS

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Vampire Teeth, Bonus Wheels and Novel Wilds in this Entertaining Slot

Vampire themes have a long history when it comes to casino slots. Hot Blooded from WMS adds some novel game play elements – taking a fresh look at this old theme. A female vampire in cartoon-like format takes centre stage. You’ll find a 3 different bonus wheels, unique directional wilds and a new way of triggering bonus games. Add the solid base game you’d expect from WMS, and this slot is well worth a spin:

Here is what make the Hot Blooded slots unique:

  • Directional Wilds: Vampire teeth wilds have arrows with them, showing which way they will expand when they hit the reels.
  • Backlit Symbols: Some symbols look like there are strong lights behind them. You need them in strips or shapes to spin the bonus wheels.
  • 3 Bonus Wheels: Upgrade to the top wheel for the best bonuses and prizes
  • Progressive Jackpots: Win up to 5 progressive prize pools


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Directional Wilds

Wild symbols in the Hot Blooded slots show a bright red lips with vampire fangs sticking out of them. These replace all the regular symbols to complete extra wins.

Each time one lands, you’ll notice a golden arrow pointing from it. There can be more than one of these arrows. This means that an adjacent symbol will become wild for each arrow. The biggest benefits come when there are multiple wilds with arrows that create merged blocks of wild symbols.

Special wilds with the female vampire’s face can also appear. These have arrows pointing in all directions. They will produce big blocks of wild symbols whenever they hit.

Backlit Symbols Trigger the Bonus

Instead of designating a symbol as a bonus trigger. This game has a novel way of taking you to the bonus wheels.

On every spin you will see symbols fly past which look like they have a strong light behind them. Beams shoot out from the sides. If these land individually, the light goes out, and they become regular symbols. When you get them in blocks or strips, the next symbol along will bet a border. If this gets a lit symbol, you will trigger the bonus games.

3 Wheels for Jackpots and Free Spins

There are 3 wheels, one for 3 of a kind ‘lit’ areas, one for 4 and one for 5.

Each wheel contains segments awarding free spins, segments with cash wins, free spins (along with a number) and one which adds wilds to the reels.

There are also ‘upgrade’ segments on the first 2 wheels. As you move up to the last wheel, the prizes, jackpots and number of free spins shoots up. Free spins are played at the same stake as the base game.

Wilds added to the reels can be a big winner – even though you only get a single spin. For example, if you get 5 wilds each with arrows pointing in various directions, you could cover 12 or more of the spots on the reels with wilds before your respin.

Hot Blooded Online Slot

Hot Blooded Slots Base Game

Behind all the innovative new features this is a regular 5x4 setup slot with 50 win-lines. Bets start at a penny per line – though you are welcome to add a multiplier.

All winning symbols are vampire themed. There is a bat (in mid-flight), a crucifix and a black rose. The highest paying symbol shows a lady vampire (presumably the owner of the lip / teeth wilds). These come stacked on the reels, giving you shots at multi-line wins.


Dark Cartoon Design of the Hot Blooded Slot

You’ll find a curious mix of elegant (even baroque) decorations around the reels, and cartoon-like symbols on them. These are detailed drawings, though more entertaining than frightening. Those backlit wilds give this slot a different feel to many you’ll find on the casino floor. Elements like the list of progressive jackpots and the bonus wheels are far more familiar.

Most of the higher paying symbols have animations – along with the expanding mouth wild symbols. This gives Hot Blooded a lively feel, despite the dark cartoon-like concept behind the graphics.

Should You Get Your Teeth into the Hot Blooded Slot?

I can see this new game becoming popular. It strikes a great balance between innovation and a well-produced theme. The new ideas like the lit bonus symbols are easy to follow after a couple of spins. Having 3 bonus wheels with prizes that improve as you go through them works very well. You’ll be rooting for that top wheel, which can unlock the biggest progressive and up to 50 free spins.

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