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Get in that 1970’s Disco Mood with the Jackpot Block Party Slots

If the disco soundtrack to Jackpot Block Party slot was not enough alone to prove the retro vibe – then the symbols certainly will do this. You’ll find a lava lamp, glittering disco light and old school turntable on the reels. The garish colours and sound effects from the bonus symbols complete a unique looking game.

Reasons to Groove with the Jackpot Party Slot

This is an older WMS title, though there are still some great reasons to get your dancing shoes on and give it a spin.

Here are the highlights:

  • Unique soundtrack. This includes several songs for the base game, and completely different ones in the free spins bonus.
  • Big line prizes: Those jackpot party wild symbols can land you a nice prize over 30 win-lines
  • 4 Picks game parties: You start with a player party, and can unlock 3 more for cash prizes
  • Characters appear: During the bonus game you’ll find an alien and security paying you a visit

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Party Whistles Unlock the Bonus Feature

Many slots use symbols which stand out from the others to trigger the main bonus game. In Jackpot Block Party you really can’t miss them. These are plastic whistles, a cone shaped one and one that extends when you blow it. The reason they are so obvious is the sounds they make when they hit the reels. The sound of these whistles being blown comes through – this might be annoying if it were not for the potential big money which follows!

Next you see the screen divided into four squares. These say Player Party, Office Party, Costume Party and VIP Party. When you start the bonus the top left box (player party) reveals a lot of gift boxes, while the others have locks over them.

You pick boxes. These can reveal cash prizes (this is the most common result), or skull symbols, which end the bonus. There are also symbols which unlock the other parties. You will see a plunger bounce between them, with the party it stops on the one which opens. At this point you might also see a visit from a cartoon security guy.

When you open new parties, you also pick cash amounts. What happens is that the box in the same position at the player party area is also revealed. You keep picking until you hit a ‘party pooper’ symbol or a skull.

Finally for the bonus, you see a purple screen where your win is totaled. This comes with a voice over, which sounds like the rich voice of a 1970’s disco star.

Setup of the Jackpot Block Party Slot

Instead of a toggle to change your bet amount, you will see a series of boxes with different spin values. You can move a slider under the reels to see the bigger bets. The range is from 30c all the way up to $60 per spin.

There are 30 win-lines on Jackpot Block Party. This number is fixed, and covers a standard 5x3 grid of the reels. There is an auto-play option. This is a simple setup, you simply click it to start your spins, then again to stop them.

Unwrap Some Line Prizes

As with many WMS slots, the pay table will automatically update to show what you can win based on your current bet size. I have used a $1.50c bet for the prizes listed below.

The symbol you’ll want to see is the slot logo. This is a riot of colour, with ‘Jackpot Slot Party’ written on it. 5 of these on a win-line will bring you $500. As a wild, this symbol replaces everything except the feature symbols – and will often help create multiple wins from the same spin.

There is then a jump down to the next symbols. A wrapped gift is worth $50 for 5 (all pay with a minimum 3 from the left). Next comes a blue 7 with the word ‘party’ over it at $37.50c.

Remaining symbols show a turntable, disco light, lava lamp, party zone sign, nachos and dip and a slice of cake. Prize range from $25 down to $6.25 for 5 of a kind.

Jackpot Block Party Online Slot

Retro Disco Design of the Jackpot Block Party Slots

This is not a new slot and looks more cartoon-like than sharp. Somehow the vibrant clash of colours works, and the funky soundtrack helps to bring the game to life. The lava lamp is the stand out symbol, this is green and slows glowing globs of wax inside a space rocket shaped container.

When you get the bonus game, you’ll find a basic picks setup. What makes this interesting is the characters. These include an alien who wants to know how to make a bowl of punch!

Should You Play Jackpot Block Party Instead of Going to the Disco?

An older, though enjoyable slot from WMS, Jackpot Block Party will certainly have you dancing along while you spin. The game-play is solid, though basic – with only wild symbols to make any difference to your base game spins. If you can get invited to the better parties in the bonus game – this slot does have the potential for some bigger wins.

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