Kingdom of the Titans Slots

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An Ancient Greek Themed Slot Featuring Free Spins and Spinning Streaks

Slots based around ancient Greece are always popular at both live and online casinos. Kingdom of the Titans is another fine slot to add to the list. On the reels you’ll find two Greek gods – an elderly male figure with a white beard, wearing golden body armour, and a red headed female, wearing a golden tiara. Joining the gods on the reels are many ancient Greek themed symbols such as a laurel wreath, a harp, an urn, silver coins and a shield.

Reasons to Clash with Kingdom of the Titans:

Kingdom of the Titans is a slot for those of you who enjoy ancient history, with some exciting features to keep you engaged:

  • A five-reel slot with a set number of 30 win-lines and big-win potential.
  • The ‘Spinning Streaks’ system where a re-spin is awarded after every win, with the aim of boosting that win.
  • A free spins bonus feature where up to an incredible 50 free spins can be won.
  • Enjoy impressive added multipliers after any free spin win.


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Spinning Streaks System

The Spinning Streaks system makes for a very enjoyable base game and does a fine job of ensuring Kingdom of the Titans stands out. The system comes into play any time you land a win. The winning symbols are held in place and the rest of the reels are now spun again. If the win is improved, or another win appears, the new winning symbols will also be held, with the rest of reels once again spinning.

As long as the wins keep improving, the Spinning Streaks will continue. When finally, there are no additional winning symbols after a respin, the reels are evaluated, and you’ll be paid out. In many cases, the eventual win after the spinning streaks will be much larger than the initial win. You might, for example, enjoy a 3 in a row win initially, which is boosted to a 5 in a row win.

Free Spins with Spinning Streak Multiplier

Look out for the feature symbol which shows the image of a snow-capped mountain. This feature appears on all five reels and can be stacked on any or all of the five. To enter the feature, you’ll need to hit 5 or more feature symbols across any of the reels. The following number of spins are awarded:

  • 5 - 7 feature symbols award 8 free spins
  • 8 - 9 feature symbols award 10 free spins
  • 10 feature symbols award 25 free spins
  • 11 to 15 feature symbols award 50 free spins

Any time you win, you’ll enjoy the spinning streak kicking in again. However, at the end of the streak you’ll find an added bonus. The overall win will now have a random multiplier of between 2x and 10x applied. This multiplier can turn an average win into an excellent one and an excellent win into an outstanding one.

Kingdom of the Titans Base Game Setup

Kingdom of the Titans plays out on the popular 5x3 reel configuration. Although unusually, instead of the five reels spinning as they normally would, each symbol spins independently. This has its advantages as it is entirely possible for one symbol to dominate many of the reels.

The male and female gods are the highest payers in the game, each worth 500 coins for the maximum five. A golden shield showing an image of Medusa pays 250 coins, while a warrior’s helmet pays 200. The other ancient Greek related symbols pay between 150 and 50 coins.

Kingdom of the Titans Online Slot

Gods and Monsters - Kingdom of the Titans Design

This WMS slot has a relatively basic design in comparison to many slots today. The symbols are all drawn, as if they might appear in an early animated cartoon, although there is no animation in the game itself. Wins are met by a simple flashing of the frame of the symbols. Gold pillars stand either side of the reels, while the background has a blue mosaic pattern. The best aspect of the design is the resounding battle cry of a soundtrack that greets every spin.

Will Kingdom of the Titans Make You a Slot God?

While Kingdom of the Titans might have a more basic design than you would hope for, there is a lot to like about the gameplay. The Spinning Streaks system adds excitement to every spin, and this excitement only builds as the streak builds in momentum – offering bigger and better wins as it goes. The free spins feature is a must play too. You have all the excitement of the streaks again, with the huge added bonus of the multiplier at the end. The combination of the features make this a game not to miss.

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