Monopoly Once Around Deluxe Slots

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Take to the Monopoly Board, Build Houses, Roll the Dice and Win!

Monopoly has been a favourite board game for all the family for a number of generations. The trading game sees players pit their wits against opponents, aiming to make them bankrupt by trading properties and being lucky with the right roll of the dice. Monopoly Once Around Deluxe slot game features a bonus round where you’ll take to the board itself, landing on properties and gaining rent. Build houses too, ensuring the rent goes sky high. The Once Around Deluxe featuring symbols such as the car, dog and shoe tokens, as well as Mr. Monopoly himself, this is one for all fans of the game.

Reasons to Give Monopoly Once Around Deluxe A Spin

Monopoly Once Around Deluxe is a slot that stays close to the game format, with the following features:

  • A five-reel set up featuring 15 win-lines.
  • Land those scatter wins with both Chance and Community Chest cards on the reels.
  • The Mr. Monopoly wild ensures additional wins and is the highest payer in the game.
  • Look out for Mr. Monopoly again (this time with dice) to activate the ‘Once Around Deluxe Bonus’
  • The bonus feature sees you move around a Monopoly board, picking up win after win along the way.


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Once Around Deluxe Bonus

To activate the main feature of the game, you’ll need to land three or more bonus symbols in a row on an active pay-line. The bonus symbol shows Mr. Monopoly holding out a pair of dice to you – it seems as if he is as impatient as you to land this excellent feature.

The start of the feature will see Mr. Monopoly appear again (this time in a fetching scarf), with five Monopoly tokens to choose from below. Having chosen from the boot, the dog, the car, the cat or the hat, the token will appear on the board.

At the start of the feature you can opt for the ‘side bet’ option. This gives you the option of buying houses and placing them where you want on the monopoly board. If your token then lands on one of the chosen properties, your win amount receives a huge boost. Of course, this option doesn’t come for free, but it does make for a very enjoyable risk-reward side bet. For the full Monopoly Once Around Deluxe experience, this is a must-try option.

As the piece moves around the board you’ll pick up prizes along the way. Land on a standard property and you’ll get to choose from one of five ‘rent’ cheques, which will award you a random amount. Chance and Community Chest cards award a variety of prizes too. You’ll usually only go around the board once. However, if you land directly on ‘Go’ you’ll go round a second time, while the right Chance or Community Chest card can offer the same reward.

On the House - The Base Game

Monopoly Once Around Deluxe casino game is a five-reel game with a set number of 15 win-lines. The wild symbol will substitute for any other apart from the bonus and awards an incredible 20,000 coins for five in a row. The rest of the pay table is filled with a variety of tokens and symbols from the Monopoly board game. As well as individual wins for the three tokens, a combination of the three pays too. Both the chance and the community chest cards pay as scatters and landing the maximum five anywhere on the reels boosts your bankroll by 3,000 coins.

Monopoly Once Around Deluxe Slots

Dice Deluxe - Monopoly Once Around Deluxe Design

The backdrop to Monopoly Once Around Deluxe shows a city scene at night, with high rise buildings and lights shining through windows. The reels themselves are transparent, ensuring the scene remains in view throughout, giving the slot a professional and modern look. The range of Monopoly symbols add a lot of colour to the game, while the suave, sophisticated and fun Mr. Monopoly himself, adds character. An upbeat soundtrack adds to the atmosphere of fun.

Will Monopoly Once Around Deluxe Make Your Trading Dreams Come True?

This WMS designed slot is very enjoyable. The base game is much like any other, although win 20,000 coins with the wild symbol and you might think it’s a little better! Like many slots, it’s the bonus feature that sets the game apart, and there aren’t many features as good as this one. Choose your token, decide if you want to build some houses and then start rolling the dice. You’re guaranteed some nice wins in the feature and you’ll get a huge boost if you can land directly on go – with another round of the board.

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