Monopoly Party Train Slots

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A Lively Addition to the Growing Range of Monopoly-Themed Casino Slots

WMS have produced a lot of slots themed around the Monopoly board game. None come close to the lively feel of Monopoly Party Train. This slot has its own theme tune, which will have you tapping your toes while you spin. There are a lot of animations, including characters to choose under the reels – and the train.

Things get even livelier when you hit the free spins / board game bonus. With mini-bonuses and extra spins as you go – this can turn into an epic feature.

Here are the highlights to look out for:

  • 5 Reel video slot setup with familiar playing pieces and characters
  • Wild reels for big line hits in the base game
  • Board game bonus involving a train which travels around the Monopoly board
  • Pick characters for each spin, with multipliers and wild reels available


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The Complex Monopoly Party Train Bonus Game

Triggering this bonus is simple enough. There are special bonus symbols on the reels – and you need a minimum of 3 to start rolling the dice.

A big board on the upper part of the cabinet activates, and a train graphic appears above the reels. You get 3 to 5 shots at rolling the dice (depending on how many bonus symbols you triggered with). Each time you tap the train graphic, dice shoot up to the middle of the board. You’ll see the movement around it in two ways. First, a train moves around the outside of the main board. Under this is a zoomed in version, where you see each of the properties as it goes past.

On most of the properties are free spins. These start small with the lower valued properties - and go up as you travel around. Some squares (chance / community chest and some properties) give you a picks game – where the number of spins you add is variable.

Character Picks for Each Free Spin

Once you have established how many free spins you start with, you get to pick from a line of people (cartoons) under the reels for every spin. This will give you a multiplier, or a wild reel. The biggest multiplier is 10x, and the most common one 2x.

You spin, collecting wins as you go and picking a new character each time.

If you get 2 or more bonus symbols, you get an extra roll of the dice. The number of extra spins maintains the multiplier from that pick. For example, if you get a 10x and hit the bonus again, you could get 5+ free spins – all with the 10x multiplier.

Monopoly Party Train screenshot with five reel slots

Monopoly Party Train Base Game Setup

Compared to the intensity of the bonus feature – things are more straightforward in the base game. You’ll find a regular 5x4 grid for the reels, with 40 win-lines crossing from the left. Your bets are at 1 coin per line – with a multiplier up to 5x available.

Wild reels can make a big difference. There are stacked wilds on every reel. They will often connect winning symbols for bigger line hits. Symbols include banknotes with characters on them, houses and hotels, and the familiar metallic playing pieces.

There are no traditional symbols like playing cards this time.



Party Spirit with a Lively Design

You might not normally associate the Monopoly game with parties – though this slot will certainly get you in the dancing mood.

Compared to the regular Monopoly slots, the animations and music are excellent. Under the reels you’ll see a train, which appears to be moving while the countryside scrolls past. There are plenty of voice overs to tell you to pick characters and to tap the train to roll the dice.

When you hit the bonus game, a funk style tune kicks in. Party Train is involved in the lyrics. The characters under the reels are fun. These even include Mr. Monopoly’s dog – along with a gawdy bunch of people. Above the reels, the train and zoomed-in board animations are also impressive. You’ll find the dice shoot up with an excellent effect each time you get a roll. They land with a realistic sound effect, right in the middle of the board.

Is the Monopoly Party Train Slot on the Right Track?

This WMS slot rivals the liveliest games on any casino floor. The Monopoly theme has been popular for a long time – though Party Train stands out for pure brashness. The base game is solid and familiar. Wild reels do help with the occasional big line hit. It is the bonus game which will have you coming back for more. If you are lucky enough to travel a long way around the board – you could be choosing characters and enjoying free spins for a long time.

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