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An Adventure Themed Slot Featuring A Descent to the Ocean Floor

Captain Nemo is a fictional character created by author Jules Verne. He first appeared in the novel,’20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ and subsequently in ‘The Mysterious Island’, as well as a cameo appearance in ‘Journey Through the Impossible’ too. The mysterious Nemo is the captain of his submarine, ‘The Nautilus’ and undergoes great adventures beneath the surface of the sea.

The Nemo’s Voyage slot takes you on one of those adventures, where Nemo and ‘The Nautilus’ make their way to the ocean floor. Look out for the giant squid who will do anything to stop that journey.

Reasons to Head Out into the Ocean and Play Nemo’s Voyage

Nemo’s Voyage is an original and engaging slot, with the following array of features:

  • A 5×4 reel configuration, featuring Nemo, The Nautilus, Giant Squids and a variety of other sea creatures.
  • Make your way to the ocean floor and the ‘wild’ symbols change at each stage.
  • Multiplier wilds, pressure wilds, clumped wilds and wild reels are all on hand to give any spin a boost.
  • A free spins bonus feature where persisting wilds join this under the sea adventure too.


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Descent and Ascent of the Nautilus

The key aspect to the casino game Nemo’s Voyage is the descent to the ocean floor and the ascent that follows. To the right of the reels you’ll find a meter which will show the position of The Nautilus in relation to the ocean floor. After every spin you’ll see the submarine move down the meter, with this slow descent marked by four different wild features. The game starts with a standard wild, but at various points on the descent you’ll enable the following wild features:

Multiplier Wilds – All of the standard wild symbols will now become 2x or 3x wilds, multiplying any wild wins by those amounts.

Pressurized Wilds – When a pressure wild appears, all symbols below this symbol will also become wild too (if by doing so it will lead to a win).

Clumped Wilds – Clumped wilds sees a number of adjacent positions on reels 2-5 replaced with wilds.

Wild Reels – At the bottom of the ocean floor you’ll enable the wild reels feature. Every spin will see between 1 and 3 reels turned completely wild – this the best wild feature of all.

Above the meter is a pressure gauge and when the pressure becomes too much, The Nautilus will begin its ascent. Land an ‘increase pressure’ symbol and the gauge will move to the right. You’ll want to avoid these symbols, as they make it less likely that you’ll reach the bottom of the ocean and those wild reels. Fortunately, there are also ‘decrease pressure’ symbols, which can give you a little bit of breathing space (literally!).

Giant Squid Adds Wilds in the Free Spins Bonus Feature

As well as all of the excitement of the descent, you can activate the free spins feature at any time. You’ll play the free spins when the bonus symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5. You’ll be awarded 8 free spins. Randomly during this feature, a giant squid will appear and rip off a number of positions, turning them into persisting wilds. With many wilds by the end of the free spins, expect a big win or two!

Under Pressure - The Base Game

Nemo’s Voyage features a 5x4 reel configuration with a set number of 40 win-lines. The giant squid and the Captain Nemo (in his submarine gear) are both stacked and pay top prizes of 300 and 200 coins respectively. Other symbols include Nemo (in his civilian outfit), sharks, piranhas, maps, anchors and navigation equipment.

Nemo's Voyage Online Slot

Into the Deep - Nemo’s Voyage Design

This game takes place with a viewpoint from within The Nautilus. The control panel, the pressure gauge and the descent meter have a very industrial age feel, all designed with brass piping. The accompanying soundtrack adds to the claustrophobic feel of the submarine, as you can literally hear the pressure of the water all around, while the atmospheric music adds to the suspense too.

The range of symbols are designed in a cartoon style, giving the game a hint of humour. The overall design is excellent and does a fine job of representing the adventure-filled tales of Captain Nemo.

Can You Take the Pressure of Playing Nemo’s Voyage?

Nemo’s Voyage is an excellent slot from start to finish. While many slots simply see you spin a set of reels and hope for a win, you have a whole storyline going on here. You’ll be willing to see The Nautilus make its way to the bottom of the ocean and enjoy the big wins associated with the wild reels. Enjoy free spins along the way, with extra sticky squid-gifted wilds.

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