Star Trek Red Alert Slot Machine

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A Feature Packed Game Based on the Original Star Trek TV Show

The Star Trek: Red Alert slot machine includes Win Warp bonuses, a Red Alert feature, and icons of original Star Trek characters like Kirk, Spock, and Bones. The original Star Trek TV show first aired in 1966, following the interstellar adventures of Captain Kirk and his crew aboard the Starship Enterprise. This original show has spawned movies, animated series and a number of spin-off shows such as ‘The Next Generation’ and ‘Deep Space Nine’.

Another spin off has seen a range of online slots. Star Trek Red Alert slot machine is the first in a series from WMS, which will see you unlock other ‘episodes’ as you move through the game. Featuring classic characters such as Captain Kirk, Spock and McCoy, this is a game that will appeal to all fans of the show.

Reasons to Play Star Trek Red Alert Slots

Star Trek Red Alert is an immersive and exciting slot, with the following range of features:

  • A 5×3 reel set up featuring famed Star Trek characters, and classic imagery and sound from the show.
  • A ‘Win Warp’ feature on hand to give any winning spin a boost.
  • Earn medals as you play which will lead to unlocking subsequent episodes.
  • Play the ‘Red Alert’ feature where you’ll get zapping enemy crafts for multiplier wins.

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Progressive Medals Feature

As you play Star Trek Red Alert you’ll earn bonus medals as you go. These will be awarded for activating one of the many features. At the top of the screen you’ll see how many medals you’ll need to unlock other ‘episodes’ in the series.

Earn enough medals in this game and you’ll unlock ‘Explore New Worlds’, with ‘Trouble with Tribbles’ the third episode in the series. As you earn medals you’ll also boost your rank within the game, with all of this saved for the next time you play.

Win Warp Feature

Any time you land a win you could activate the Win Warp feature. Any winning combination could be awarded one of the four following boosts:

Scotty’s Wild – Scotty will appear and add one or two wild reels into the mix.

Enterprise Fly By – The Enterprise will fly past the reels, changing the winning combination symbols to one of the leading (and higher paying) symbols in the game.

Rock Wild – The quite unattractive rock creature will appear and will dump a multiplying wild onto the reels.

Spock Multiplier – Spock will randomly multiply your win by between 3x and 10x.

Red Alert Bonus Feature

To enter this main feature of the game you’ll need to land 3 or more ‘feature’ symbols on the reels. The ‘Red Alert Bonus Feature’ is a free spins feature with a difference. You won’t be awarded a set number of spins, as the round will end when all of your shields are down. The shield ‘meter’ has five bars, and you’ll lose one on each losing spin. However, you can be lucky and hit 3 ‘Shields 100%’ symbols which will replenish the shields.

Things get interesting when you win. A screen will appear (or you’ll look to the upper screen in the casino) and you’ll see the Starship Enterprise zapping enemy craft. Each craft hosts a multiplier, so you’ll want to zap the craft with the largest numbers (the maximum multiplier is 15x). This awarded multiplier will be applied to your current win.

When the shields are down, there are ‘spin till you win’ (enjoy one more guaranteed win), ‘shields to full’ (effectively restarting the feature) options to continue, while ‘no extra win’ ends the feature immediately.

Beam Me Up - The Base Game

This WMS designed slot features a 5x3 reel configuration, with 25 win-lines and a spin cost of 35 credits. The high paying symbol include the Star Trek insignia (1,500 coins), Kirk (1,000), Spock (500) and McCoy (400). The rest of the pay table features an array of enemies and in true Star Trek style, gadgets!

Star Trek Red Alert Online Slot

The Final Frontier - Star Trek Red Alert Slot Design

Star Trek Red Alert sticks closely to the original Star Trek series. The reels have a backdrop which show stars flying past, while the soundtrack will the 1960’s Star Trek soundtrack will be familiar to all players. Land the feature and you’ll find video clips from the original series too.

Will the Star Trek Red Alert Slot Boldly Go Where No Slot Has Gone Before?

Star Trek Red Alert is a slot that you can really get your teeth into. With the excellent ‘Warp Win’ feature, any pay out can receive a boost, while the ‘Red Alert’ bonus feature is exciting as they come. All the while you are earning medals and boosting your rank, giving a storyline to the game as you play too. This is an excellent slot that will appeal to even non Trekkies!

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