Star Trek The Trouble with Tribbles Slot

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A Feature-Filled Slot Based on one of Star Trek’s Most Famous Episodes

The original Star Trek TV show ran from 1966 through to 1969, three years in which three seasons were aired. In the middle of the second season ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’ hit the TV screens, one of the most famous episodes of the entire Star Trek franchise. Tribbles are furry, small and round, which might not sound too dangerous. However, they mate and multiply incredibly quickly, consuming ever more food and taking up more and more space. When the Tribbles take over, the cute factor quickly lessens.

Reasons to Play Star Trek – The Trouble with Tribbles

Star Trek – The Trouble with Tribbles is an enjoyable slot with a retro feel, offering the following range of features:

  • The third episode of Star Trek slots, following ‘Red Alert’ and Explore New Worlds’.
  • A 5×3 reel set up featuring a classic Star Trek retro design.
  • Four randomly awarded ‘Win Warp’ features which can boost the pay out of any win.
  • A fun bonus feature where tribbles career around the screen pinball style.

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Star Trek Win Warp Features

Any time you win during the base game you might enjoy one of the following four randomly awarded ‘Win Warp’ features:

Spock Multiplier – If the Spock Multiplier feature is activated, the famous Vulcan-human will apply a multiplier of between 3x and 10x to the win.

Scotty’s Wild Reels – This feature will see two of the five reels filled with an image of Scotty, turning both reels wild. Some of your biggest wins come from this feature.

Rock Creature Multiplying Wild – The rock creature, which has to be one of the ugliest characters in the history of TV, will come along and add wild multipliers onto the reels. Like the Spock feature, these will multiply the wins by between 3x and 10x.

Enterprise Fly By – The Starship Enterprise will fly across the reels and change each of the winning symbols into another one. As well as the initial win, you’ll also receive a second pay out – great if the new symbols are higher paying than the originals.

Tribbles Pinball Feature

The ‘Win Warp’ features appear in every episode of the WMS Star Trek series, while the main bonus feature is based around the individual episodes. The ‘Tribbles Pinball Feature’ is activated when you land three or more ‘feature’ symbols anywhere across the reels.

Entering the game itself you’ll see tribbles careering around a pinball table, hitting ‘star’ bumpers as they go. The tribbles will fall into one of six wells, with four of these offering cash prizes, which rise the more tribbles fill them. Fill the well with the word ‘door’ above and you’ll enter a further feature, where you’ll pick 3 doors for a cash prize. Land three tribbles in the ‘collect’ well and the bonus feature is over.

In Deep Space - The Base Game

Star Trek - The Trouble with Tribbles is a 5-reel slot that pays from left to right. On the reels you’ll find some of the leading characters from the show, including Captain Kirk, Spock and Uhura, as well as the famed Star Trek insignia. Those furry tribbles also feature widely on the reels (those tribbles get everywhere) in both orange and pink.

This game is the third in the series, following on from ‘Red Alert’ and ‘Explore New Worlds’. To move onto subsequent episodes, you’ll pick up medals for achievements such as activating bonus features.

Star Trek The Trouble With Tribbles Online Slot

Fur Balls - Star Trek - The Trouble with Tribbles Slot Design

Like the other games in this slot series, Star Trek - The Trouble with Tribbles features a classic retro design. Photographic images of the leading characters from the show and the familiar soundtrack will both transport you back to this popular 1960’s show. The ‘Tribbles Pinball Feature’ is a strange move, bucking the trend of the sci-fi features of the previous two episodes. Yes, it’s fun, but just like the original episode, Star Trek purists may not necessarily enjoy this ‘fun’ feature.

Will Star Trek - The Trouble with Tribbles See Your Bankroll Multiply?

This WMS designed slot is another fine game to add to the popular Star Trek series. Having played the initial 2 games before venturing onto this Tribbles based game, you’ll know all about the ‘Win Warp’ features, always on hand to boost a pay-out. The tribbles pinball feature is a fun arcade game, which, whether you think it fits or not, can bring great rewards. Just don’t let those tribbles mate!

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