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Curved Screens Give the Latest Willy Wonka Slots an Immersive Feel

World of Wonka takes casino slot gaming – and makes it immersive. This slot features 3 screens set at angles, giving a lot of room for the somewhat surreal graphics. The view around the reels changes from a crazy landscape to views of the chocolate factory – always moving and changing.

This slot is themed on the original movie adaption of the Roald Dahl novel, starring Gene Wilder. You’ll enjoy clips from the movie and some amazing bonus games which take full advantage of the curved effect of the screens. Go to 5:44 of the embedded video to see the latest in game design for the Willy Wonka slots series.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Oompa Loompa Bonus: This feature kicks in at random, the reels expand (sideways and upwards) and wilds scroll across the reels.
  • Respin Bonus: Just two bonus symbols get you a free respin, a great opportunity to get a 3rd special symbol.
  • Jackpot Wheel: Win a huge progressive, or cash awards.
  • Wonka Winko: This free spins game features a pinball style intro where you can win extras, plus a picks round.

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Oompa Loompa Random Bonus

This is the most common bonus - and starts at random before any spin. You’ll see the background of the reels turn purple, with sweets floating as if in space. Two Oompa Loompas then appear, one each side of the reels. They stretch the reels sideways, adding one to three extra reels on either side.

If you picked the higher bets for ‘extra height’, more Oompa Loompas then appear. They are thrown upwards by the original pair, extending the reels upwards by up to 3 rows using ropes.

Next you see big groups of wild symbols flying past from the left. When these stop, they will often cover several reels completely. Your wins are then calculated. As a final twist, a cart (driven by Oompa Loompas) can appear – adding a multiplier to your total win.

Wonka Winko Bonus

Sweets which are in a coloured group like a crystal are special bonus symbols. You need a minimum of 3 to trigger the Winko bonus game. If you get just 2, they hold in place while the other reels respin. This gives you an extra shot at getting the 3rd symbol (and sometimes extra wins instead).

The next animation is amazing, with the background changing to complex steam-powered workings of the chocolate factory. You’ll see a pinball type setup on the top screen, with a ball bouncing between different pins picking up bonuses. These can be extra spins, multipliers or special extras to go with your bonus (one themed on Charlie, the other on Grandad).

You are not quite ready for your free spins yet. A new image appears, with gears from the factory. You pick one to get your free spins number.

Those extras include big symbols showing Charlie or Grandad falling over the reels. These can create big blocks of the high paying symbols – with the regular spin completing afterwards.

Finally, you get a chance to win 50,000 coins. A chocolate bar appears, and you open it to see if you get the ‘Golden Ticket’.

World of Wonka Slots Progressive Jackpot

Some of the symbols showing Willy have the word ‘Jackpot’ on them. If you line up one on each reel on a win-line, you get to spin the bonus wheel on top of the cabinet. This includes different progressive jackpot prizes, and some bigger cash awards.

Willy Wonka World of Wonka Online Slot

Surreal and Entertaining Slot Design

Most slots try to stand out on crowded casino floors, though few do it as spectacularly as Willy Wonka World of Wonka. The innovative curved main screen, plus upper part of the cabinet with a separate screen for bonus features creates a visual treat.

I love the changing background, which adds a surreal element to the game. There are 6 reels, with the symbols flickering – as if they are spinning individually. You’ll often get great coverage of the same symbols, which feature characters and different types of candy.

When the bonus games kick in, this game becomes very entertaining. You’ll be humming along to the Oompa Loompa song for a while after a couple of those bonuses. Clips from the movie, fountains of candy for big wins and voice-over effects add to the immersive feel.

Should You Spin for a Golden Ticket with World of Wonka?

This WMS slot has proven to be a big hit with casino slot fans. It is immersive, enjoyable and has a depth of features to keep it entertaining time after time.

Any spin can turn into a huge win with the wider, taller Oompa Loompa extended reels. Your biggest wins will come via either the jackpot wheel or the Wonka Winko free spins game (with several extras). You might even find a golden ticket after your bonus completes – for an instant 50,000-coin win!

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