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Two Casino Slots Based on the Popular Dice Game

Yahtzee is a simple family-friendly game first introduced in the 1940’s. This involves throwing 5 dice – and hitting different combinations to score points. To say that this game is popular would be an understatement. It still sells 50 million sets a year, almost 80 years after its debut.

There are now two slots themed on Yahtzee from WMS. They share some features, with the newer one having free spins. WMS has a long history of bringing board games to the casino floor in themed slots. Their titles include Clue, several Monopoly games and Mouse Trap.

Here is what to expect when you roll the reels of the Yahtzee slots:

  • Random Win Boosts: Sometimes, wilds will trigger a roll of 2 dice – boosting your wins.
  • Yahtzee Game Bonus: On the original, this gives you credit wins, on the new version, free spins.
  • Progressive Jackpots: Roll your way to big money with progressive prizes
  • Full Multimedia Experience: Both slots are lively, with music and themed sound effects.

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Wild Boosts in the Yahtzee Slots

Both versions have the same random feature, which can kick-in when you hit a win involving one or more wild symbols.

You’ll see a dice shaker come to life, and two dice roll over the screen. In between these dice is an X symbol, which then spins around. It can land as a +, in which case the two scores are added together to give you a win multiplier. It can also land as an X. Here the scores are multiplied. In an ideal roll, you’ll get two 6’s, with a multiplier sign – giving you a 36x multiplier on your win.

Yahtzee Game Bonus Features

This is where the newer and older versions of the Yahtzee slot are different. Both bonuses involve throwing 5 dice 3 times – just like in the real game. What is different is what you win.

Original Yahtzee Slots: You win cash prizes, depending on how many matching numbers you get. This can include progressive jackpots – though you need to light up 5 of the dice symbols above the reels to enable these. Otherwise, you get win multipliers for 3+ of the same number.

Newer Yahtzee Slots: This time you win free spins, depending on how many of the same number you get. Again, progressive jackpots can be won via this game. The free spins have bigger stacks of symbols – including wilds. This can enable a lot of wins from the same spin (a great time to get the random roll multiplier).

Slot Setup and Regular Wins

The original slot has a 5x3 setup with 25 win-lines and the newer version a 5x4 with 40 win-lines. These games have smaller max bets than many casino slots, $2 and $2.40c respectively.

On the original Yahtzee slot, the bigger winning symbols show classic editions of the game. Your biggest wins will come from an old wooden box with a blue background – with newer versions of the game next. There are also players of mixed ages on the reels, and bright ‘roll’ symbol showing 5 dice.

For the newer game, the big winning symbols are the players – they come in pairs and have different coloured backgrounds to make them easy to spot. For this version, you need two special bonus symbols anywhere on the reels to trigger the main feature. On the original, a special bonus symbol on reel 5 will initiate the feature.

Yahtzee Online Slot WMS

Lively Design with Dice Sound Effects

While both versions are lively, the newer one really does come to life when you hit the bonus. Not only will you hear realistic dice rolling sounds, you’ll get people cheering for your number after the first roll too. A pop song plays while you enjoy the free spins bonus.

There are also effects for the on-reel multiplier bonus. Here you will see two dice rolling, and then have a moment of anticipation while you find out whether there is a multiplied win or an added one.

As an extra, the newer version also includes footage of people rolling on the original game – and cheering each other’s wins.

Could Yahtzee Slots Come Up 6’s for You?

These are lively games, with a full-on party atmosphere. If you prefer your slot play to be relaxing, then they might not be the pick for you. For pure entertainment, Yahtzee slots have a lot to offer. Any win with a wild can get a random multiplier up to 36x. You can win progressive jackpots or cash amounts in the feature too. On the original, free spins with stacked symbols and a pop tune will break up the base game.

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