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Replicating Wild Symbols in an Exotic Arabic Setting

A desert oasis and cutlass-wielding assassin feature on the reels of the Zanzibar slot from WMS. This is a solid game – and not a multimedia spectacular. Think solid production, the classic WMS sound effects, and the occasional stacked symbols – and you’ll have the idea.

This slot features must-win jackpots – and has a unique on-reel feature which can fill a lot of the reels with the same symbols.

Here are the reasons to seek out the oasis of the Zanzibar slots:

  • Replicating Wilds: Get an oasis symbol on reel 3, and fireballs switch symbols into more winning combinations.
  • Free Spins: Up to 40 free spins can be won, with even more wild symbols on the reels.
  • Must-Win Jackpots: The randomly awarded progressive prizes always trigger before reaching $50 and $500 respectively.

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How the Zanzibar Slot Replicating Wild Symbol Works

Oasis symbols are wild on any reel. They replace everything except the female assassin (which is the scatter / bonus symbol) to create extra wins.

On the 3rd reel, you will see a bigger oasis symbol. This is the one you want to see as often as possible. When it appears, an on-reel feature kicks in. You will be awarded your base game win, then see sparkling fire balls coming from this special symbol. These turn extra symbols into the ones you won with – creating a lot more line hits.

If you are lucky enough to get 5 or more extra symbols, you could be triggering wins over multiple lines. Wins are then recalculated and paid.

Female Assassin Free Spins

The scatter symbols show a classic ancient Arab assassin. This lady wears a veil, and holds a sword, ready to strike. You need a minimum of 3 to trigger the free spins bonus. Ideally, you’ll start this feature with 5 symbols. That would give you the maximum 40 free spins, plus a welcome scatter win.

Free spins play out in the same way as the base game. You will find more wilds (including the bigger one on reel 3) in play – giving plenty of big win potential.

Assassin symbols are in play during this free spins bonus. This means you can retrigger for extra spins at any time.

Must-Win Progressive Jackpots

Smaller progressive jackpots are awarded at random on the Zanzibar slot. These have a subtle twist – they must be won before reaching $50 or $500 respectively. If you see a jackpot at the top of the cabinet which is close to this amount, you’ll know it is due to pay.

Zanzibar Slot Setup and Prizes

Fans of WMS slots will be instantly familiar with the setup. Zanzibar uses a smaller grid, with just 3 rows of symbols over the usual 5 reels. 30 win-lines are in play. You can spin for just 30c a spin, or add a multiplier to increase your bet size.

Winning combinations involve a lot of exotic symbols. Your biggest prizes will come from the oasis wild symbols. Next come 3 symbols will identical prizes. These show a beautiful Arabic horse, a monkey wearing a hat and an exotic jewelled necklace. Next comes a dagger, lamp, horn and a clay pot. Card suits are used for the smaller prizes.

Zanzibar Online Slot WMS

Arabian Nights Inspired Design

The best graphics on the Zanzibar slots are only shown for a couple of seconds. When you hit the free spins bonus, you’ll see the reels flip around. Behind them is a beautiful oasis scene. On the reels the female assassin is the most eye catching. The monkey has a certain charm to it too.

During the base game, the sound effects are shared with many WMS slots. These electronic tunes will be familiar to anyone that enjoys games from this slot provider. Things move on-theme during the free spins bonus games. Here you will enjoy a tune which sounds like something from a movie involving a genie and a lamp!

There are not many animations. When you get the replicating wild on reel 3, the sparking silver fireballs moving over the reels look great. Individual symbols (while beautifully drawn) and not animated.

Will the Zanzibar Slots Replicate Your Bankroll?

Another game for those who prefer quality production and solid game-play over multiple bonus features. The exotic Arabic setting is nicely produced. Replicating symbols with the special oasis on reel 3 certainly add interest to the base game on occasion. With free spins and random jackpots on top, there are plenty of ways you could give your bankroll a boost.

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