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Full Tilt Poker Refunds Won’t Be Available to All Players

Players have been waiting a long time to see refunds on their funds which were frozen in their Full Tilt accounts when the FBI shut down several online poker sites on Black Friday. It looked as if these players’ luck were about to change when it was announced that they could start the process of filing for a refund.

However, now there are rumors making their way around the Internet which are causing more worries. These rumors suggest that there will be certain groups who will be excluded from receiving a refund on their funds.

A member of 2+2 poker forum posted an email he received from the Garden City Group, the company the government enlisted to handle the repayment process.

The email stated that players who had funds in their account for the sole purpose of playing should expect to receive their repayments. However, pros, vendors, affiliates, and the like should not expect to receive a refund. The Garden City Group has yet to confirm or deny this rumor.

Whether or not this rumor is validated, it has done a good job of getting the attention of many who are already getting impatient and hoping for more answers.

The email included the following list of people who should consider themselves excluded from being able to receive their refunds and a summary of that list includes:

A past or present employee of FTP or any of its past or present affiliates, a past or present vendor of FTP that received compensation through FTP players’ accounts, and a past or present Team Full Tilt player. It also went on to include a past or present shareholder of FTP and subsidiaries, a past or present officer or director of FTP and subsidiaries, a defendant in any civil action or a claimant in any forfeiture action brought by the Department of Justice related to the violations alleged in this action, or any related action; or any of his or her affiliates, assigns, heirs, etc. As well as a person who, as of the Petition filing deadline, has been the subject of criminal charges related to the violations alleged in this action, or any related action; or any of his or her affiliates, assigns, heirs, etc.

Poker players have seen upward and downward spirals with regards to the status of their Full Tilt repayments, with most being downwards. It seemed as if things were going in the right direction when the Garden City Group announced applications would begin to be accepted starting September 16th. However, the rumor of this new email now has many showing concern once again.

Whether or not this rumor is substantiated, the fact remains that players are ready to see results. They have been waiting more than two and a half years for things to get settled and receive their money back.

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