Mike Tyson Returns
Mike Tyson Returns
Mike Tyson Returns

Mike Tyson Return & Betting Odds

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Mike Tyson’s been to jail, he’s been the IBF, WBC & WBA champion—He’s the baddest man on the planet.

What you might not know is Iron Mike’s got more in common than you might think with Lindsay Lohan, a boxing career that can be traced to pigeons, a passion for marijuana farming, and if that’s not enough, he’s the original tiger king.

When it comes to his boxing career, Mike Tyson won gold at the 1981 and ’82 Junior Olympic Games, and made his professional debut at age 18 against Hector Mercedes. He won the fight by TKO in the first round, setting off an incredible career filled with highs and lows.

His antics have been responsible for creating ideas like Bill Simmons’s Tyson Zone, he’s rumored to have tried to fight a gorilla, and has fought a shark, and of course — everyone knows about the ear.

And now, over 15 years after his last bout, Tyson makes his storied return to the ring against Roy Jones Jr.

We look at everything that makes Mike Tyson legendary, plus, exclusive insight from the bookmakers and all the numbers you should know when it comes to records, statistics, and odds to bet on the ‘baddest’ boxing match of the year—Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson VS Roy Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr is set to take place on November 28 at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, California. After over 15 years away from the sport, Tyson will make his return to boxing against against Jones Jr who last saw action in the ring in 2018.

Tyson’s return comes as a shock to so many due to his age and duration since his last professional. However, Jones is only three years Tyson’s junior and given that Jones Jr will be fighting above his weight class, Tyson is currently a -200 favorite.

With news that an official winner wouldn’t be awarded, Bovada temporarily removed lines from the books, but we have good news — they’re back.

Mike Tyson headshot
Mike Tyson
Roy Jones Jr.
Roy Jones Jr Headshot
180.3 cm
188 cm

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. Props

Don’t want to bet on a winner? Our friends at BetOnline have your back, with Tyson props to bet on for the big fight.

Will the fight go the distance?

Result Odds
Yes  -300
No +200

Who will bleed first?

Result Odds
Mike Tyson  -120
Roy Jones Jr. -120

Will the fight be stopped due to cuts?

Result Odds
Yes  -400
No +250


Mike Tyson Record in The Ring

Tyson is known for being the favorite, but his boxing prowess in his last 10 bouts were certainly skewed—However, if training videos are anything to go off, we’ll be shocked if this latest match isn’t a knockout. Let’s take a look at Mike Tyson’s boxing record from his last 10 matches.

When Opponent Pre-Fight Record Location Result
June 11, 2005 Kevin McBride 50-5 Capital One Arena, Washington, DC L-TKO (6)
July 30, 2004 Danny Williams 50-4 Freedom Hall, Louisville, Kentucky L-KO (4)
February 22, 2003 Clifford Etienne 49-4 The Pyramid, Memphis, Tennessee W-KO (1)
June 8, 2002 Lennox Lewis 49-3 The Pyramid, Memphis, Tennessee L-KO (8)
October 13, 2001 Brian Nielsen 48-3 Parken Stadium, Copenhagen, Denmark W-TKO (6)
June 24, 2000 Lou Savarese 47-3 Hampen Park, Glasgow, Scotland W-TKO (1)
January 29, 2000 Julius Francis 46-3 MEN Arena, Machester, England W-KO (2)
October 23, 1999 Orlin Norris 45-3 MGM Grand Arena Las Vegas, Nevada ND
January 16, 1999 Francois Botha 45-3 MGM Grand Arena Las Vegas, Nevada W-KO (5)
June 28, 1998 Evander Holyfield 45-2 Empire State Plaza Convention Center, Albany L-DQ(3)

Mike Tyson Pigeons

Now let’s take a look at Mike Tyson the man, starting from the the beginning. Some things in this world just go together—Peanut butter & jelly, Calvin & Hobbes, Mike Tyson & pigeons. This just wouldn’t be a Mike Tyson piece if we forgot the pigeons. Yes, a pigeon is his co-star in the hit Adult Swim series ‘Mike Tyson’s Mysteries’, however, a pigeon is also the reason Mike Tyson’s a boxer in the first place.

Tyson grew up in an area populated with crime and was arrested 38 times by the time he was 13. He stole, got into general petty crime, and defended his pigeons against bullies (more than once). So the pigeon story goes, another kid ripped the head from one of Tyson’s pigeon and Mike Tyson beat him up.

Mike Tyson pigeon

Tyson's First Fight

“I had all these birds that suddenly popped up in this room of mine—So I told some guys in the neighborhood and they brought some other guys to steal the birds, and this one guy stole one of the birds …I ran after him like ‘Please give me my bird’, and he said ‘You want the bird?’ and he ripped the birds head off, smacked me around with the bird and threw blood on me, and my friend said ‘Mike, fight him!’ and I knew he wasn’t gonna jump in if I got my butt kicked, so I fought. I wasn’t sensational or anything, but I guess I hit him more than he hit me, so I won.”

-Tyson on his first unofficial bout

pigeon 2 transparent

What happened next? Tyson continued to get into trouble, and was sent to Tyron School for Boys, an employees, Bobby Stewart, noticed Tyson’s boxing affinity, and decided to train Tyson. Then, he introduced him to his future trainer Cus D’Amato, who would go on to be Tyson’s legal guardian at 16 after his mother’s passing—We hate to be cliché, but the rest is history.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD-yu1_XNSA&feature=emb_title” width=”500″ height=”340″ title=”Tyson on His First Fight”]

Mike Tyson Net Worth

Mike Tyson and his net worth have both been through their highs and lows, with Tyson earning approximately $685 million during his career all the way to the brink of bankruptcy. Take a look at how much Tyson’s net worth has fluctuated just since 2018.

2018              2020


Mike Tyson clenching a fist

$20 Million

Mike Tyson clenching a fist

How Does He Make His Money?

🎥 Estimated 1.8 million from YouTube channel & online content

🌱 $3 million from his Cannabis farming business, ‘Tyson Ranch’

🥊 $400 million from boxing ($680 million adjusted for inflation)

💥 $200,000 payout each time he KO’d opponent in first round

Tyson on Screen, Ranked

What’s one activity Mike Tyson’s been recorded doing more than boxing? There’s really only one clear answer—acting. Aside from his larger-than-life personality, the silver screen has put Tyson on the map and made him a household name far beyond the boxing ring. In fact, he’s been guest-starring on the big and small screen since the 80’s. Although there’s one movie in mind that particularly reinvigorated his career, Tyson’s had some memorable moments in the movies, as characters and himself.

Mike Tyson at the Hangover 2 Premiere

The Hangover (2009)

Some might say this is what put Tyson ‘back on the map’, or even just what introduced him to a wider audience—Some might say this cemented Tyson as the original Tiger King (He owned Tigers long before this movie).

When The Hangover came out, Mike Tyson was better known for being a former boxer, with a slew of financial issues and drug problems.

However, at this point many people still remembered Tyson as a Las Vegas legend, and director Todd Phillips wanted to include him in this film, capitalizing on the Mike Tyson legend—Lions, boxing, partying and a beautiful rendition of ‘In the Air Tonight’. What more could you want out of the number one spot on this list?

Mike Tyson Mysteries show

Mike Tyson Mysteries (2014- )

A classic in the making. Mike Tyson Mysteries (as you probably already know if you’re reading this) is a hilarious cartoon airing on Adult Swim and starring Mike Tyson and featuring a gay ghost, an adopted American-Asian daughter and a pigeon with an attitude). Together, they solve weird mysteries and go on adventures.

It’s also the first animated series for adults created at Warner Bros. Animation Studios, and their first series to hold a TV-14 rating.

Mike Tyson on Law and Order SVU

Law & Order: SVU (2013)

DUN DUN. An acting career isn’t complete without a Law and Order cameo, is it? Not to us. Hence why Tyson’s guest-run in an episode has placed him on this list, after a controversial appearance where he played an adult, abused as a child who kills his former abuser. Tyson has his own history with the law, and while many people were unhappy with this casting decision, series creator Dick Wolf said this, “I invite you to watch Emmy Award winners Ed Asner and Andre Braugher, and Mike Tyson guest star in the “Monster’s Legacy” episode of “Law & Order: SVU.” It focuses on what can happen when there is an emotionally charged rush to judgment and it is, in my opinion, one of our strongest episodes in the last five years.”

Play It To The Bone Movie Poster

Play it to The Bone (1999)

One of the older titles on this list, Play it to the Bone stars Woody Harrelson and Antonio Banderas as two friends and former middleweight boxers who fight each other for the first time, on one of Tyson’s fight cards. Despite a great cast (I mean, Banderas and Harrelson plus Lucy Liu, Tom Sizemore and Robert Wagner? C’mon) Play it to the Bone isn’t known as the best movie, but it does mark Tyson’s first silver screen appearance, earning it a spot on this list.

Tyson in Meet The Blacks

Meet The Blacks (2016)

The Purge meets comedy—That’s it, really. Although ‘Meet the Blacks’ is basically exactly what you think it is (they even call the time period where you can break the law ‘the purge’), Tyson makes a cameo as one (of many) people who aim to terrorize the Black family—And although the movie didn’t release to the fanfare the Hangover did, his cameo still remains endearing, funny & quintessentially Tyson.

Roy Jones Jr. Betting

While Roy Jones Jr. hasn’t been out of the game as long as Tyson, this match is a return for him, too. The similarities don’t stop there-Jones is no stranger to controversy, with his 1988 silver medal at the Summer Olympics one of the most contests of all time.

In an interview with Sky sports, Jones JR says “He’s still Mike Tyson, he’s still one of the strongest, most explosive people who ever touched a boxing ring,”. Even though he’s been in the ring more recently than Tyson, reports say he might be starting to regret accepting the match.

All of this sentiment and the fact that Mike Tyson is currently a heavy favorite points to Roy Jones Jr being the bettors favorite. He currently sits at a +150 underdog, so a $100 would net you $150 of winnings at one of the best sportsbooks online.

Roy Jones Jr

Roy Jones Jr Boxing Record

Roy Jones Jr. may not have the legend behind him that Tyson does, but he’s had his fair share of wins & endurance, fighting his last match with an injured bicep and taking home the win. Let’s dive into Roy Jones Jr.’s last 10 bouts ahead of his match with Tyson.

When Opponent Record Location Result
February 8, 2018 Scott Sigmon 66-9 Bay Center, Pensacola, Florida W-UD
February 17, 2017 Bobby Gunn 65-9 Chase Center, Wilmington, Delaware W-TKO (8)
August 13, 2016 Rodney Moore 64-9 Bay Center, Pensacola, Florida W-UD
March 20, 2016 Vyron Phillips 63-9 Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona W-TKO (2)
December 12, 2015 Enzo Maccarinelli 62-9 VTB Ice Palace, Moscow, Russie L-KO (4)
August 16, 2015 Eric Watkins 62-8 Foxwoods Resort Casino, Ledyard, Connecticut W-KO (6)
March 28, 2015 Paul Vasquez 61-8 Bay Center, Pensacola, Florida W-TKO (1)
March 6, 2015 Willie Williams 60-8 Cabarrus Arena, Concord, North Carolina W- TKO (2)
September 26, 2014 Hany Atiyo 59-8 Basket-Hall, Krasnodar, Russia W-KO (1)
July 26, 2014 Courtney Fry 58-8 Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre, Riga, Latvia W-RTD (5)

Jake Paul VS Nate Robinson

As if Tyson’s return couldn’t get more exciting, the undercard is something we honestly still find hard-to-believe — Jake Paul, YouTube star and Nate Robinson, 3-time NBA Slam Dunk champion will face off as the main undercard attraction.

Jake Paul is no stranger to exhibition boxing matches or honorary WBC belts, but Nate Robinson is familiar with the rigor, discipline, and consistency it takes to be a professional athlete.

jake paul in boxing ring with bloody mouth
Jake Paul
Nate Robinson
Nate Robinson #11 big3 on court with Tri-State jersey on
185 cm
175 cm

Tyson vs. Jones JR. Undercard

While the main betting event besides the Mike Tyson & Roy Jones Jr. bout is by far Nate Robinson vs. Jake Paul, there have been a few names added to the Triller-hosted boxing event — Let’s take a look at who else is on the card to enter the ring on November 28:

rashad coulter ufc fight night

Main Card

  • Cruiserweights: Viddal Riley (3-0-0) vs. Rashad Coulter (1-0-0)   
  • Light Heavyweights: Badou Jack (33-3-3) vs. Blake McKernan (13-0-6) 
Irvin Gonzalez with burgundy gloves during featherweight bout

Preliminary Card

  • Lightweights: Jamaine Ortiz (13-0-0) vs. Sulaiman Segawa (13-2-1)
  • Featherweights: Irvin Gonzalez JR. (14-2-) vs. Edward Vasquez (8-0-0)
  • Juiseppe Cusumano (18-2-0) vs. Nick Jones (9-3-0)


Tyson vs Jones FAQ