Best Mobile Sports Betting Apps in the US in 2024

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Finding what you’re looking for from the best sports betting apps can be difficult. There are so many to choose from and more seemingly appear every day. As mobile sports betting continues to takeoff nationwide, it can be good to slow down and consider what you’re looking for in an app. Below, you’ll not only find reviews of the best options available, you’ll also find discussions of what to consider when choosing a sportsbook. From bonuses to bets, with different interfaces and various banking options, every sportsbook needs to be stepping up its game to compete for your business.

Best Mobile Sports Betting Sites for US Players

Our experts have created a list of the industry’s best online sportsbooks on mobile in the United States:

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Getting Started with Mobile Sports Betting

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Open the Mobile Sportsbook App

The first step towards betting is to visit your favorite online sportsbook and register for a free account and create a username and safe password.

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Make A Deposit

After you’re signed up and logged in, it’s time to make a first deposit. Mobile betting sites will offer new players welcome bonuses that typically add extra funds/credits to your wallet.

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Place a Bet

Now it’s time to start betting! Review the sportsbook’s strengths, promos, and offerings before making an educated wager on your favorite event.

Find the Perfect Mobile Sports Betting Site

Just tell us which sports you want to wager on, your preferred banking deposit method, what type of bonus you seek, and we’ll find the perfect mobile betting sites and best sports betting apps for you.

Based on your search, we recommend:

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Blacklisted Mobile Sports Betting Sites

These mobile sportsbooks did not meet our high standards. You can find out more about how we rate sportsbooks here.

    • Denied Payouts
    • Frequent User Complaints
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    • Denied Payouts
    • Fraudulent Activity Reported

Best Sports Betting Apps vs Browser

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Mobile Sports Betting via Browser

Thanks to advances in technology, mobile sports betting via a smart phone browser provides a user experience that tops one enjoyed on a laptop or desktop computer. The best online sportsbooks optimize their mobile offering so that sports betting is just as easy on-the-go as it is from home.

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Mobile Sports Betting via Apps

Although some of the best sports betting apps can still be found in Apple’s App Store or Google Apps, the truth is most online sportsbooks have migrated over and embraced optimized mobile websites. This cuts down on costs and doesn’t require potential new players to download a third-party application on their phone, potentially taking up storage.

Pros & Cons of Mobile Sports Betting

If you haven’t noticed, most US states are adopting sports betting legislation that allows players to wager on events on mobile devices like phones and tablets. Some arenas and stadiums are even installing betting kiosks on each level to improve the gameday experience. Bettors can then track their slips from their seats via mobile.

As online sportsbooks look for new ways to attract new players, mobile sports betting enhancements have become a priority. Here are some pros and cons for mobile versus desktop sports betting.

Mobile Betting

  • Place sports bets on-the-go with smart device
  • All you need is a web browser, cellular or WiFi connection
  • Your desktop account sync with mobile once logged in
  • Bet options are the same: moneyline, spreads, totals, etc
  • Sportsbooks offer mobile-only bonuses

Desktop/Laptop Betting

  • Can only use a Wi-Fi connection
  • Lugging around a heavy laptop
  • Not as user-friendly when away from home often

Apple vs Android Sports Betting

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Sports Betting on Mobile Apps

While the inner-workings of Apple and Android smart devices are different, they are both operating systems like Windows and macOS on a desktop or laptop.

Mobile Betting - Apple

Apple vs Android

At the end of the day, whether you own an Apple or Android device is irrelevant. If you have a smartphone, you can enjoy a variety of sporting betting option from your device’s web browser.

Mobile Betting - Android

Customer Support FAQs

If you have any related technology questions, be sure to check out your mobile sportsbook’s FAQ section or reach out to their customer support team.

Best Compatible Mobile Sportsbooks

One of the more common questions new sports bettors ask is if their smart device, be it an iPhone, iPad or Android, is compatible with the online sportsbook they like. Because most operators have optimized their gambling sites for wagering, you no longer need to download a third-party app in most instances and can simply log into your online sportsbook from a browser. Thus, if your iOS or Android smart device can connect to the internet, it is definitely compatible with our best online sportsbooks.

Online Sportsbook iOS Compatible Mobile Sports Betting Android Compatible Mobile Sports Betting
Bovada Yes Yes
Everygame Yes Yes
BetOnline Yes Yes
BetUS Yes Yes
Sports Betting Yes Yes
BetNow Yes Yes

What Types of Mobile Bets Can You Make?

Most mobile sportsbooks offer a large variety of different types of bets. Below, you’ll find some of the most popular.

Moneyline Bets

A moneyline bet is a wager on who is going to win a game or match. Moneylines can be straightforward, as you only choose who you think is going to win. But for novice bettors, it can be confusing as the odds shift and determining value may be difficult.

Placing moneyline bets requires that you first understand the American odds system, which always uses a 3-or-more digit whole number expressed as either positive or negative. Because opponents are typically not equally matched, the moneyline odds account for disparity through payouts.

A negative moneyline, for instance, represents how much a bettor must stake to profit $100.  A line of -180 requiring a $150 wager to make $100. If you win, you keep your $150 stake and add the extra $100 in winnings.

Positive odds on the moneyline indicate how much a $100 stake will pay. For example, if you bet $100 on a line of +200, you keep the $100 you staked, plus an extra $200 in winnings if your side comes through with the victory.

Point Spread Bets

Point spread betting equalizes the strength of two opponents and distills the match down to (almost) equal odds.  By handicapping the sides, bettors typically receive -110 odds on either side of a spread wager. However, the spread itself, or difference a team needs to win by, changes.

For example, you could find the Dallas Cowboys +6.5, and the San Francisco 49ers -6.5.

In our example, the Niners are the favorites to win. And oddsmakers anticipate they will win by approximately 6.5. Bettors can make money determining whether they win by more or less than the spread.

However, to keep sportsbooks in business, spreads do not offer even odds. Instead, you’ll typically find -110 on both sides of the equation. This extra price you’re charged is referred to as the vig or juice and is how the sportsbooks make their profit.

When betting online, you’ll commonly find point spreads that have half points involved (example -2.5 / +2.5), thus ensuring there is no way for a sports bettors wager to be tied, otherwise known as a push.

Totals - Over/Under Bets

Totals betting, also known as over/under betting, is one of the easiest sports bets to understand. You are wagering on the amount of points, runs, goals, etc scored in the goal between both opponents.

For example, this bet might be:

  • over/under 7.5 runs in baseball
  • over/under 6.5 goals in hockey
  • over/under 42.5 points in NFL football
  • over/under 210.5 points in NBA basketball
  • over/under 55.5 in NCAA football
  • over/under 135.5 in NCAA basketball

Similar to point spread betting, unless otherwise stated, these bets are usually offered at -110 odds (risk $110 to profit $100).

Futures Bet

As the name implies, a futures bet is a wager on something that is not immediately going to happen. Instead of betting on who wins a football game any given Sunday, you bet on who will win the Big Game come Super Bowl Sunday. Examples of futures include odds to win an award like Most Valuable Player or, in entertainment, odds to win the most Oscars at the Academy Awards.

Because futures feature more options (before the season starts, you’ll find every team has odds to win the championship), futures can offer higher returns. For example, before the season kicks off, a Super Bowl favorite in the NFL might carry +800 odds, or an 8 to 1 return.


A parlay is when you wager on two or more separate outcomes in one bet. The more distinct bets you add into one wager, the larger your odds – and payoff – will grow. But you need to win every ‘leg’ of your parlay to take home any winnings.

Modern sportsbooks will offer variations of parlays – single game parlays, parlays of single game parlays, teasers, and round robin betting – that can keep you occupied for hours deciding which wager is best for you.

Sports Betting Mobile Features

The goal of each mobile sports betting operator is to earn your business. So, it’s easy to get caught up in their efforts to entice and sell you on the facts why their online sportsbook is best. With so many sportsbooks online embracing mobile betting, expect more competition in the space to pop up in the coming years. To cut through the paralysis by analysis of each, the best thing you can do is educate before visiting the newest mobile sportsbook. Here’s what to look for before deciding on your next sports betting provider.

Sportsbook Promotions

Most mobile sportsbooks feature first-time deposit bonuses and reload bonuses. This is FREE money you can use to make your first few bets. If your sportsbook doesn’t offer different promotions or bonuses, shop around because there is definitely one out there advertising these perks.

Ease of Use

A streamlined mobile betting experience is the best experience. If sign-up is clunky or if placing a bet becomes a challenge, you’ll know that site is not of the highest quality and you’re not using the best sports betting app. After you’re signed in to your account, it should take no more than five clicks to place a bet. Find the sport you want to wager, find the game, event or athlete you want to back, select that team/player, the amount you want to wager and then place a bet.

Banking Options

The most common online casino deposit methods are changing. What used to be almost all credit and debit cards has evolved. Now, a sign of a strong mobile sportsbook is several banking options including cryptocurrencies and bank wire transfers. In fact, over the past year, Bitcoin has gained steam as a preferred deposit option for first time players and new users. When you shop around, be on the look out for Bitcoin deposit bonuses and promotions.

Safety and Security

All of the mobile sportsbooks and betting apps that we recommend have been vetted for safety and security. Nowadays, with technological advancements, your security does not suffer from using your phone. So rest assured, our recommended sites will allow you to play at a mobile casino safely.

Sports Betting Apps FAQs

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