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Super Bowl 51 Prop Bets: Previewing the Best of the Bunch

For everyone but true fans of the New England Patriots or Atlanta Falcons, next week’s Super Bowl Sunday is a time to let loose and have fun.

And without a rooting interest in the big game, one of the more reliable ways of ensuring that the Super Bowl remains compelling – even the lopsided blowouts of yesteryear – involves proposition betting.

For decades now hardcore football fans and casual viewers alike have come together on Super Bowl Sunday to get in on the annual prop betting action. Everything from how the coin flip will fall to the length of the national anthem performance is up for grabs – and that’s just before kickoff.

When the last two teams in the league left standing battle for the Lombardi Trophy, every play takes on greater meaning. Add in the thrill of player performance props like who will be named MVP or which wide receiver will catch the most passes, and the Super Bowl becomes a never-ending buffet of meaningful plays.

The first prop bet to be settled is the pregame coin flip, a true 50/50 affair, so you can back either Heads or Tails at (-105) each at the Bovada sportsbook. Another coin toss bet concerns the eventual champion, with Bovada offering (-115) odds on the winner of the flip either winning or losing the game.

As for the national anthem performance, you can back Luke Bryan’s performance to go Over or Under two minutes and nine seconds at (-120) each.

With the Patriots hoping to exorcise their demons from the Deflategate fiasco, a particularly fun wager asks how many times the phrases “deflate” or “deflategate” will be mentioned during the live television broadcast (from kickoff to final whistle, excluding commercials). The line seems small at only 1.5 mentions, but Bovada is offering even money on the Over, and only (-140) on the Under.

When halftime gets underway pop singer Lady Gaga will perform, so you can try to guess which of her hit songs she’ll sing first: Born This Way (+225), Bad Romance (+250), Edge of Glory (+600), Poker Face (+1000), Just Dance (+1000), or Any Other (+110).

And after the game has been decided, you can even try guessing the color of Gatorade that the victorious coach will be doused in: Clear/Water (+300), Lime/Green (+300), Yellow (+300), Orange (+300), Red (+600), Blue (+750), or Purple (+1200).

As for the action on the field, Bovada is offering dozens of different player- and team-based performance props.

The showcase among these wagers is on the eventual Super Bowl MVP, but three-time winner Tom Brady (+140) is the clear favorite. His counterpart Matt Ryan (+250) is the other obvious choice, but from there it’s all longshots like Julio Jones (+900), Julian Edelman (+1600), and Vic Beasley (+5000).

In a clever addition, Bovada also offers “cross-sport” props, with action on bets like “Which will be higher, Falcons sacks (-175) or Alex Ovechkin points (+135)?”

A prop asking if there will be a “flea flicker” called by either offense offers decent value, with Yes (+500) a decent shot to take considering the Pats’ propensity for using the play for big gainers.

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