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Matt StevensonNovember 09, 2015
August 22, 2018

Three More Players Cut During the 71 Hands of WSOP Day Two

This Monday, the remaining six players returned to the table at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino knowing that by the end of the day, half of them would have to go. With Joe McKeehen’s giant chip lead, the other five players were left to battle it out for the 2nd and 3rd positions into the final day of play. This time, McKeenen was able to play it pretty safe, but there was still a lot of action that unfolded during the day.

By the second-hand things had already gotten hot when Thomas Cannuli was dealt a pair of aces. Poker is a game of odds, and Cannuli had a huge chance of winning big. So, when Max Steinberg called all in, Cannuli called off for $10.275 million. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on Cannuli’s side, and the jack ten six flop favored his ten pair hand heavily. With no help during the turn or the river, Steinberg took the chips and Cannuli was the first to get knocked out for the day, leaving him in sixth place.

The next to go wouldn’t happen for another 50 rounds. During this time short stacked Josh Beckley managed to pull ahead of the others with a chance to double his chips on hand #98. Beckley was dealt a pair of aces and instantly called off for $14.6 million. Ofer Zvi Stern was at the plate next, and he matched it. When the board ran clean, Beckley managed to jump to nearly $30 million chips and well out of the hot zone.

It wasn’t until hand #121 that the 5th place player would finally be determined. Stern was looking for a foothold, and he thought he’d found it with his Ace-Jack combo, and he risked all his big chips on it. Neil Blumenfield (Ace-King) called all in, and the other three dropped out.

This left Blumenfield and Stern to duel it out knowing that one of them would soon be walking away. The flop went clean at seven five three, but with a king on the turn, it was over for Ofer Zvi Stern. The queen on the river sealed the deal, and Stern walked away with 5th place and $1,911,423 more in his pockets.

The last to go would be Max Steinburg, 20 hands later. Steinburg was the only bracelet at the final table, so seeing him go will certainly help to ease the stress for the last three players during the final day. It was during hand #143 that it happened. McKeehen opened with a $2 million bid right from the start, and Steinburg went all in for $16.5 million from the big blind. Unfortunately, Steinberg had an Ace-Jack while McKeehen had an Ace-Queen. The board ran out a rather dull nine seven five eight three and just like that, Steinberg was knocked out.

Steinberg was the last of the day to go, and he took home a nifty $2,615,361 prize with his fourth place finish. With the final three contestants chosen for the last day, play finally ended. In total 143 hands have been played so far, with 72 hands on day one and 71 hands played on day two.

Current standings for the remaining three players are as follows:

  1. Joe McKeehen –     128,825,000 chips
  2. Neil Blumenfield –     40,125,000 chips
  3. Joshua Beckley –     23,700, 000 chips

These three players will be returning on the final day to see who captures the bracelet, the title, and the sweet $7.683 million first place prize. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see who becomes the ultimate victor of the 2015 World Series of Poker.

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