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Clinton’s Lead Over Trump Narrows in Presidential Election Betting Markets

With just one week before voters decide who will become the 45th President of the United States, Democratic party nominee Hillary Clinton still has the lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump based on the major betting markets.

Per the most current odds provided by online sportsbook Bovada on November 1, bettors backing a Clinton presidency would receive -275 on their money – making the former Secretary of State a 4/11 favorite.

Trump bettors, meanwhile, are getting +190 on their money at Bovada, which puts the former casino owner and reality television host as the 19/10 underdog.

As for the ultimate longshot, Bovada is offering +5000 on anybody else becoming the next President, making the “field” wager a 50/1 flier.

Only four days ago, on October 28, Bovada’s odds for Clinton versus Trump securing the requisite 270 electoral votes stood at -300 (1/3) and +200 (2/1), respectively, while the field bet was a +2500 (25/1) longshot.

Clinton is still a big favorite to extend the Democratic party’s executive policies for another term, but the change in the odds offered on her winning signal worries about the FBI’s recent reopening of her contentious email case.

Most reputable media outlets have blasted FBI Director James Comey’s actions as a breach of protocol that has turned the agency into a political actor. Even so, the recent line movement in favor of Trump suggests that bettors believe voters may not be so discerning.

In fact, on the morning of October 28, before Comey’s announcement made headlines, Clinton’s odds to win at Bovada were -450 (2/9), while Trump stood at +275 (11/4). The email news immediately caused a drastic movement to the -300 and +200 lines for Clinton and Trump, respectively, at which point betting was taken off the board entirely. Once the reality of Comey’s claims were revealed, however, the bet was reinstalled and lines settled at the numbers listed above.

One week ago, on October 25, Bovada bettors could only get a price of -550 (2/11) on Clinton winning, while Trump supporters were given +350 (7/2) on the historic upset.

At the current odds of -275 on Clinton and +190 on Trump, the Bovada betting market has the presidential race closer than it’s been since than September 27 – when the Democratic nominee held -250 (2/5) odds versus her Republican counterpart’s +180 (9/5) chances.

For bettors who prefer the PredictIt betting market, Clinton experienced a similar slide on the innovative $0.00 through $1.00 probability pricing platform. On October 25 the price for a Clinton presidency contract on PredictIt was 83 cents, against Trump’s 19 cents – with those numbers approximating the percentage of a win on November 8.

But a week ahead of the decisive vote, Clinton’s price has dipped down to 68 cents while Trump has soared to a 37-cent contract. Once again, Clinton’s odds haven’t been that low via PredictIt since September 27, when her contract was priced at 67 cents versus Trump’s 34-cent bid.

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