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  • Sessions ends with Drake $20m down

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Drake's gambling earned the rapper $17m but he eventually lost $20m at the online casino

Drake had a night to remember and forget last week when he won a huge $17m off one spin of the roulette wheel – only to finish his night $20m down in front of thousands of fans.

The rapper was playing at the roulette table as an ambassador of Stake.com – a gambling company not available to players in the US or Australia.

His gaming session was streamed live on Twitch with fans able to play along and earn rewards from Drake himself as the evening wore on.

At one stage the 35-year-old was betting as much as $500,000 per spin in an effort to recoup early losses at the cryptocurrency casino.

Not shy of discussing his enthusiasm for gambling, Drake went big with an all-out bet on number 11. The ball came down on the number, earning the musician more than $17m in an instant.

What’s more, fellow musician Lil Baby had just entered the room as the ball landed. And for Drake, that was the omen he was looking for.

“We’re blessed!!!!” he screamed after landing the windfall. “We’re tipping. I gotta, yeah, we’re tipping, we’re tipping. You know what is happening… you know what happened was because Baby walked in. That’s why!”

Drake gambling

Drake can be seen in the top right of the screen celebrating his $17m win after betting heavily on number 11

Drake Hands Out $1m

Drake wasn’t the only winner during the evening, with fans able to take home Bitcoin packages worth BTC 2.6 ($75,000) at random. Many Canadians were on the stream, as were fans from Argentina, Mexico, India, Jordan and Brazil.

The superstar decided to pick out players as he tested his luck on the tables, and spoke to those watching on during the session.

Drake has been a visible ambassador for stake.com recently and is a regular at the casino. He is expected to showcase further Twitch sessions in the future.

Drake Loves Gambling

Not averse to gambling in the casino or on sports, the OVO rapper bet $200,000 on a single number of the roulette wheel in January, and won big. Last week he wagered the same amount of Golden State Warriors securing the Western Conference at odds of 4/1, landing him a million dollars.

During the Super Bowl Drake placed $400,000 on the LA Rams beating the Bengals. He staked the same amount on Odell Beckham Jr. catching a touchdown. Both wagers came up good.

And in his most recent session on stake.com the rapper – playing under the username DeepPockets6 – inadvertently revealed he has staked more than $1bn in casino wagers since joining the website in December 2021. 

And while his big win caught the headlines worldwide, he finished the night $20m down.

For a musician thought to be worth $250m, losing big in the casino perhaps doesn’t hurt as much as the average person. But DeepPockets6 will likely be targeting a recovery of those losses when he next hits the tables!

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