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Twitch streamers ended up in a brawl during Gamescom

Twitch streamers Tanzverbot, Orangemorgange And Scurrows were reportedly involved in a “brawl” when attending Gamescom last week over allegations of promoting gambling to young children.

Tanzverbot has for weeks built up a feud with his fellow streamers after accusing Orangemorgange and Scurrows of using their streams to promote gambling content to minors, and make money off the promotions.

According to reports in Cologne, Germany, Tanzverbot and Orangemorange squared up to each other during Gamescom – a gaming trade fair that attracts thousands of fans each year.

It is said an argument eventually led to physical blows, with Orangemorgange claiming that Tanzverbot “became visibly aggressive and physically came at me. As a result, I fought back by throwing a plastic cup in his direction and pushing towards him. I hit back, but without hitting. In retrospect, of course, this annoys me, but at the end of the day, it was my right to defend myself.”

A fourth streamer, quiteLola, tried to intervene during the fight and ended up falling to the ground. She has since said on Twitter that she is “fine”.

Streamers Could Suffer Penalties

Fans have speculated that all three streamers could face sanctions from Twitch, and may even be banned for a short period.

In a sarcastic message posted on Twitter, Scurrows said: “We are casino streamers. Of course we are guilty, huh? It’s obvious! As if Tanzverbot hadn’t done anything! Of course, I, with 60 kg, intended to start a fight. And Tanzban wanted to reduce the tension, but we exceeded it.”

Reaction To Brawl

Other Twitch users have also waged in on the issue, primarily to criticize the brawl.

Unge tweeted: “What happened at Gamescom is simply embarrassing and shameful.” And MontanaBlack said: “Violence is pretty uncool.”

YouTuber HerrNewstime was an eyewitness as the events unfolded and said he intervened. Speaking on his YouTube channel, he said: “We wanted to calm the situation down as a whole. I was there from the start. But I couldn’t stop it when he was insulted, was referred to as a “fat pig”several times, and that then led to me being threatened. I was told afterwards that one [of them] was a martial artists, I didn’t know that.”

He said he was insulted, and added: “I felt very threatened at that moment and that was a sequence that you can’t see anything in this video that happened before that.”

On the incident with quiteLola, HerrNewstime said: “In my view it was a very threatening situation for this young woman and I saw at that moment how close he got to her, I then intervened and tried to keep Orangemorgange away from her. She then came back and I was able top push Orangemorgange aside for a very short time.

“It was not OK what happened. I also think it was a great pity that such a situation arose.”

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