Breaking Down the Action:
  • Early Stages of Final Hit Frantic Pace
  • Koon Crashes Out with Aces
  • Bryn Kenney Beaten at the Last

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The latest Super MILLION$ final was one of the best in recent months as Bryn Kenney came close to victory only to be denied at the last in stunning fashion.

The latest GGPoker Super MILLION$ final table was knockout entertainment in more ways than one. With Olympic gold medal boxer Audley Harrison co-commentator alongside the regular host Jeff Gross, nine played down to a winner in dramatic fashion as just 90 minutes elapsed from start to finish. The weekly $10,300-entry online tournament saw a top prize of $278,000 awarded this week and it was unmissable stuff as Austria’s ‘C3H5N306’ triumphed in stunning fashion.

Early Stages of Final Hit Frantic Pace

Many final tables get off to slow starts. Hosts get to introduce the action in a timely, also cosy fashion. Not the Super MILLION$ on GGPoker. The buy-in may be the same as buying into the WSOP Main Event but there isn’t a cent of scared money at the virtual felt, and if there ever was, it would be sniffed out in seconds.

The first player to leave the action was gone inside a couple of minutes, as Mexico-based ‘EzzzGame’ saw his ace-queen beaten by Arsenii Malinov’s ace-king, which hit a Broadway straight on the turn to bust for $38,486, a very small proportion of his overall $3.9 millions in winning on Super MILLION$.

Next to go was Pablo Brita Silva just an orbit of hands later. The brilliant Brazilian shipped it with king-jack but ran into Bryn Kenney with ace-jack and a board of 9-2-3-8-J put paid to Silva’s hopes of a run to the podium places, his eighth-place score worth a very respectable $49,280.

It was at this point that the stream lost the host momentarily, but although the initial outburst from the co-commentator Audley Harrison of “My dance partner Jeff will be back… soon I hope!” but the Olympic boxing gold medallist turned poker player and media star was more than able to hold the fort in Gross’ absence.

Koon Crashes Out with Aces

With seven left, one of the most stunning bust-outs of the final table took place. Jason Koon shoved with aces, ‘Beriuzy’ called it off live on his own stream with ace-five with the ace of clubs and Koon was in line for the double. A five on the T-5-4 flop was the main danger but a third club on the turn meant any club would give the Canadian content streamer the flush and so it came as Harrison called it a “nightmare scenario… brutal. The Poker Gods weren’t on your side today.”

Koon’s exit for $63,102 in seventh place was followed by the incredible departure of Russian Arsenii Malinov in sixth for $80,801. Bryn Kenney had pocket kings but was second favorite to win before the flop, as the Russian held pocket aces. The flop of J-T-9 all in spades – which Kenney had the flush draw in – was tantalising, offering the possibility of a straight flush, but in the end it wasn’t needed. An offsuit eight on the turn was followed by a king on the river for Kenney to win a pot worth almost as much as the chip leader Beriuzy’s stack at the time of the hand.

Out in fifth place for $103,464 was the former winner Alex Kulev. The Bulgarian was all-in with nine-eight on a flop of A-7-5, but Kenney called it off with eight-seven and a ten on the turn was followed by a queen on the river. Just half an hour into the show, five players had busted. “If you got dinner plans… it’s looking good.” As Jeff Gross said after returning to the frantic action not a minute too soon.

Bryn Kenney Beaten at the Last

Ravid Garbi of Israel was the next player to bust out, calling off a 12 big blind stack with ace-six offsuit when in the big blind. The aggressor in the hand, Austria-based ‘C3H5N306’ had shoved from the small blind with jack-nine. The flop of 9-7-2 immediately put the aggressor in the lead and that’s the way it stayed through the deuce turn and three river. Garbi, with almost $7 million in GGPoker winnings, took home $132,483 in fourth place.

A shock exit took place in third place, as the former chip leader ‘Beriuzy’ fell in unfortunate circumstances. All-in pre-flop with ace-king, he lost to ‘C3H5N306’ who held ace-queen. The flop of 9-6-5 was safe enough for the best hand, but a two-outer queen on the turn sent the Austrian into the lead and no king on the river meant Beriuzy was out for $169,642.

Heads-up, Bryn Kenney was battling a 2:1 chip deficit, and that grew to a 4:1 deficit by the time Kenney four-bet shoved with ace-ten and he was called by king-queen of hearts. The flop of 5-3-2 changed nothing, leaving Kenney in the lead, but a king on the turn was devastating to the Long Islander’s chances of winning his first Super MILLION$ title.

A seven on the river didn’t help Kenney and that ambition would have to wait, Kenney’s runner-up score of $217,233 dwarfed by the top prize of $278,150 won by ‘C3H5N306’.

GGPoker Super MILLION$ January 24th 2023 Final Table Results:

Position Player Country Prize
1st ‘C3H5N306’ Austria $278,150
2nd Bryn Kenney U.S.A. $217,233
3rd ‘Sneaky Beriuzy’ Canada $169,642
4th Ravi Garbi Israel $132,483
5th Alex Kulev Bulgaria $103,464
6th Arsenii Malinov Russia $80,801
7th Jason Koon U.S.A. $63,102
8th Pablo Brita Silva Brazil $49,280
9th ‘EzzzGame’ Mexico $38,486


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