In six states you can now have a side of sports betting with your mediocre buffalo wings. Buffalo Wild Wings, the Atlanta-based sports bar chain with nearly 1,300 locations, has joined forces with BetMGM. Just in time for March Madness, patrons of the “Wings, Beer, Sports” joints will have access to Blazin’ Bets. The promotion will be open to residents in New Jersey, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

How Does Sports Betting Work in a Buffalo Wing Restaurant?

All six of the states targeted for Blazin’ Bets have legalized and regulated online sports betting in recent years. Since the Supreme Court struck down a law limiting full-service sportsbooks to Nevada in 2018, states can offer legal wagering. These six have capitalized on the newly created revenue, and BetMGM is a licensed sportsbook operator in each location.

Thanks to geolocation technology, BetMGM will offer custom bets and promotions to gamblers physically in a Buffalo Wild Wings. B-Dubs has already offered a free “Picks and Props” game through its Blazin’ Rewards mobile app. Now, bettors will be able to get in on the action.

Buffalo Wild Wings Will Display Live Betting Odds on TVs

Along with Blazin’ Bets, customers will now be able to watch OT Odds on screens throughout restaurant locations. The new live-odds feature will be powered through BetMGM’s mobile platform. At its best, the in-restaurant experience at participating Buffalo Wild Wings will resemble a casino sportsbook.

As the Chief Revenue Officer for BetMGM stated, they are attempting “to redefine how fans enjoy sports.” Blazin’ Bets is hoping to piggy-back off of the success of Picks and Props. Limited to during football games during the past two seasons, the free game was popular. Buffalo Wild Wings claims that more than 500,000 people have played Picks and Props while dining in their bar.

sports betting scores at buffalo wild wings
You can expect sports betting game scores like these.

What Can You Expect From Blazin’ Bets Sports Wagering?

If you want to test drive this new partnership, you will need to belly up to a B-Dubs bar. Only people physically located within a Buffalo Wild Wings establishment will be able to access Blazin’ Bets. You will also have to give both the restaurant and BetMGM access to your phone’s GPS location data.

Those still interested in playing while eating buffalo wings will likely find a standard mobile sports betting experience. The difference will come through targeted promotions. According to BetMGM, players will receive “curated boosts, bets, and parlays.” Anticipate adjusted (and enticing) odds for whatever game is currently featured on the linked OT Odds screens.

Because this is a business venture, players will likely be pushed towards staying on their barstool longer. For example, Blazin’ Bets featured parlays will likely include games that are yet to tip-off. By sticking around to follow your wager, B-Dubs will hope you buy a couple more beers and maybe some nachos.

Is This the Start of More Sports Betting Cross-Promotions?

The sports betting world will be watching this partnership closely. As an early-adopter, the Buffalo Wild Wings and BetMGM deal could open new doors for gambling companies. Casino operators are already enjoying record stock prices, and rapid growth will mainly rely on pushing into new markets and states. However, once gambling laws mature across the country, businesses will seek new and bold strategies.

Buffalo Wild Wings provides BetMGM a captive audience that is already receptive to watching sports. The next step is to take those fans and turn them into bettors. Replicating the atmosphere of a casino sportsbook at your neighborhood tavern sounds wonderful—but will operators cost themselves by not drawing gamblers to their lavish casinos?

Balancing new sign-ups for BetMGM’s mobile app against the marginal loss of casino patronage will determine this campaign’s success. One thing is for sure—this will surely call into question Buffalo Wild Wings legendary control over the refs.

Arthur Crowson

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