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Las Vegas Strip sign.

This week’s casino news starts off in Las Vegas where Strip Slasher has been apprehended and charged. We have the latest from one of the most disturbing stories out of Las Vegas in a long time.

Las Vegas Strip Slasher Gets Charged

One of the most troubling stories out of Las Vegas has finally come to a conclusion.

Yonni Barrios, otherwise known as the Las Vegas Strip Slasher, had been arrested and charged with killing multiple residents on The Strip. In what appears to be a random act of violence, Barriors walked The Strip and stabbed several people. Brent Hallett and Maris DiGiovanni were unfortunately victims of the unprovoked knife attack and did not make it. He also injured six other residents that were around as well.

When they finally found Barrios, he was charged with two counts of murder as well as six counts of attempted murder. Three of the injured victims are still in critical condition while the other three are currently stable.

Detectives have also begun to piece together the motive. Barrios had nowhere to stay so he asked about getting a job in the Wynn Las Vegas. Security then responded by telling him to “Jump in front o f a train.” He later went outside and met with four women, one of which was a victim of the brutal stabbing. It was reported that Barrios attempted to take a picture with the women but that they were laughing at him instead. Shortly after, he started his bloody attack. The prosecution will be aiming to make sure that Berrios spends the rest of his life behind bars.

Sticking with Las Vegas, one of the most popular nightclubs in Las Vegas has decided to close its doors forever. Light Nightclub at Mandalay Bay was reportedly permanently shutting down. All of their employees were just recently informed of the decision. It was so unexpected that their website still shows an entire calendar worth of DJ appearances that obviously won’t be happening now.

Light was one of the properties that got shut down for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic but many figured it would survive for the long haul. It was the final major nightclub to reopen its doors in Las Vegas but it reportedly never found its footing again financially. Clubs around the world have had a tough time post-pandemic.

Light is still keeping their daylight beach club open for the time being, but that property is closing on October 16th for the season. As it currently stands, there is no announcement for what Light plans to do in the future and even the employees are stumped as to what has transpired.

Michigan Continues To Raid Gambling Storefronts

row of gambling machines

Gambling machines.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board has announced that they have continued to raid illegal gambling operations in a statewide crackdown. Investigators have reportedly seized a grant total of 56 gambling machines and over $12,700 in illegal gambling profits during new raids towards the end of September. There was a total of four raids that were led by the Michigan Department of Attorney General.

The executive director of the Michigan Gaming Control Board has spoken out about the number of complaints they’ve been receiving. He’s said, “We’ve seen an increasing number of complaints about alleged illegal gambling, and we appreciate the help received from citizens who call our tip line.”

The largest raid came at the Mundy Township storefront location. It was reported that the storefront allowed gamblers casino-style game play along with promotional games after making certain purchases. In total, there was 53 machines seized in this raid and a whopping total of $9,141 in illegal profits.

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