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We hesitate to say that Jake Paul takes anything particularly serious, but it looks like he is taking his burgeoning boxing career seriously, and is set to box another professional athlete — this time, one who’s expertise is in fighting — but not boxing.

Jake Paul is set to fight MMA champion Ben Askren on April 17, in another match for Triller’s Fight Club Series, a partnership between the app and Snoop Dogg, who acts as a consultant for the fights. While the exact time of the match has yet to be announced, we suspect this is to avoid rescheduling issues, similar to brother Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather’s upcoming boxing match.

Read on for an overview of when the game is happening, updates for Askren & Paul, line movement updates, and our picks to win.

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Odds & Boxing Match Information

Game Information
Date & Time: April 17, 2021, time TBA
TV Coverage: Live Streamed via Triller as part of Triller’s Fight Club
Opening Odds: Jake Paul -265 | Ben Askren +205

Line Movement

The line movement for the fight hasn’t moved around much, steadily (and surprisingly, for some) favoring Jake Paul to win. Heavy line movement will likely result from one of the players releasing a training video showing any sort of skill development.

With the current odds, you stand to win $188,68 (plus your wager) if you bet $500 on Jake Paul, while you’d make $1,025 if you bet $500 on the NCAA champion.

Line Movement Update

As of April 14, 2021 the line movement hasn’t fluctuated too much. Paul is still favored to win the match (-200), with odds for Askren to win sitting at +160.

Line movement for Paul has shifted from -265 to -200, and Askren’s from +205 to +160, increasing slightly further in favor of Askren. While odds for Jake Paul to win have certainly fluctuated the most, he’s still favored to win—even against a professional fighter.

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Props

Who’s your money on? Even if you’re not sure which ‘amateur’ boxer will win the whole match, there are a number of props via BetOnline to bet on.

 Will Ben Askren Be Knocked Down and Win?

No -400
Yes +250

 Will Jake Paul Be Knocked Down and Win?

No -250
Yes +170

What Color Will Jake Paul’s Gloves Be?

Silver +125
Black +250
White +250
Red +300
Blue +600

Will Fight End in First 60 Seconds of First Round?

No -5000
Yes +1200

Who Will Bleed First?

Ben Askren -130
Jake Paul -110
bloody ben askren with raised hands ufc 235

A bloody Ben Askren celebrates after beating Robbie Lawler in a welterweight MMA match at UFC 235. (AP Photo/John Locher)




Will Ben Askren Go The Distance?

No -200
Yes +160

Will Jake Paul Get Knocked Down?

Jake Paul Does Not Get Knocked Down +110
Jake Paul Gets Knocked Down +160

Will Ben Askren Get Knocked Down?

Ben Askren Gets Knocked Down -400
Ben Askren Does Not Get Knocked Down +110

Will Fighters Touch Gloves Before Fight?

Will Snoop Dogg say “fo shizzle” During Broadcast?

No -220
Yes +155

Jake Paul News & Notes

Jake Paul didn’t waste any time calling out professional fighters like Conor McGregor, Dillion Danis, and Ben Askren following his win over Nate Robinson late in October.

Jake Paul enters the fight with a record of two wins by KO, and suspects the upcoming fight will continue to break Triller viewing records, saying his previous fight against Robinson was the highest viewed live broadcast in Triller history.

For anyone following Jake Paul’s fight (or social media) history, you’ll know that Jake Paul is eagerly awaiting a fight against KSI, who previously boxed his brother — it’ll be interesting to see if this fight comes to fruition if Paul does in fact beat Askren.


Bobby Sarnabesht, co-founder of Triller & Executive Chairman says “We announced Jake last week to an unprecedented amount of interaction on Triller and it was painfully clear fans want to see Jake fight Ben. You asked, we delivered…Ben Askren is an experienced fighter, and we can’t wait to see what happens when he steps foot into the ring with Jake Paul after seeing Jake’s KO in November. This is an event not to be missed!”

Ben Askren News & Notes

Ben Askren is a now-retired MMA fighter & wrestler, and was a Bellator and ONE Welterweight Champion. He also competed in the Olympics for wrestling, was a NCAA Division 1 National Champion & four-time finalist, and was also won the World Championship in submission wrestling. In addition to these wins, his MMA record includes 19 wins, two losses, six knockouts, and six submissions.

Askren is metaphorically betting on himself to win the fight against Paul, telling Submission Radio “…I don’t know, that sounds like a fun Friday night to me,” while discussing how he and friends would box for fun in high school.

Askren agreed to fight Paul after some back-and-forth on social media (and when UFC commissioner Dana White signed on), despite retiring in 2019, although he’s said he’d returned to the ring (or octagon) under certain conditions, like a generous payday.

Askren believes Paul might want to box him both for his professional accomplishments, but also because he’s known for his wrestling more than his striking ability. Askren himself seems confident in his ability pre-fight, and says “Boxing, that seems kind of easy. Like, I’m sure I could do that. Like, there’s no shots, there’s no slams, there’s not leg locks. I dunno, that seems relatively safe to me.”

Askren has his fair share of professional accolades, he’s also known for receiving one of the fastest KOs (his first loss, too) in UFC history, as seen on Sports Gambling Podcast. While Paul might not be the professional apex of Askren’s career, if he wants to secure the bag, it’s a smart move to secure a fight with a Paul brother.

Game Pick: Ben Askren +160

We hate to go against a Paul yet again, but although Jake Paul is certainly honing his skills, and has proven he can compete and win against a professional athlete, this is his first time competing against a (former) professional fighter — we attribute his past wins partly to skill but also to boxing other amateurs, and although Askren’s new to boxing, he’s not new to the ring which we think will lend itself to a win, if not a KO.

Odds updated at 2:03 PM April 14 2021, Wednesday, Eastern Time (ET).

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